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    Hello Friends,
    My herpes has been dormant since my first outbreak 13 years ago. I only ever got one sore on my perineum. Lately Ive been getting every once and a while a tiny lesion in the folds of the anus skin. Ive had it looked at twice and the doctors tell me it is not herpes. I do suffer from food intolerances and this seems to manifest when I eat gluten or dairy or wipe too hard. Its like a little crack or fissure but also oval shaped and clean with no white around it or anything crusty. Im wondering if anyone else’s herpes show up like this?
    I have a new partner and although he knows about my HSV2 I told him I never get outbreaks. Now Im really scared.


    YES! I was only diagnosed a year ago, and when I was, my doctor told me she did not think it was herpes (as it didn’t look like it). These cuts, also on the folds of my skin (both anus and vagina) happen to me constantly (pretty much daily), and I too have been terrified by them, thinking something way worse is going on.

    I rarely have traditional-looking herpes sores, but consistently have these cuts/lesions you describe. My doctor has said that lesions and cuts can be a presentation of herpes, though they would have to swap the cuts to be sure. I haven’t had her do that, as I do feel skin sensitivity with them, as if my underwear is constantly rubbing, which makes me think it is herpes. I continue to take daily Valacyclovir, but it doesn’t seem to help the cuts. It only seems to help sores go away more quickly on the rare occasion that I do get them.

    I’ve just recently been trying cotton underwear, which don’t seem to rub as much. I’m wondering if my sensitive skin is just extra prone to friction. Currently looking for other solutions, but would love to stay in touch to see if you find any.

    Though I don’t wish for either of us to have to suffer from this, it does give me some comfort knowing this is happening to others. When you google symptoms like this, nothing comes up, so it’s extra scary. Thanks for putting this thread out there!

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