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    I am newly diagnosed — it is Tuesday and I read the diagnosis on my medical portal on Sunday night. In shock even though doctor who did the swab of my blisters told me it might be herpes. I just thought it was the oral herpes (which I know I have and this hasn’t given me shame) that got “down there” through oral sex or something. But it is genital herpes. Blisters started after I had COVID in April, which I guess is not uncommon, although I may have had other symptoms for a long time (nerve tingling). Husband has no symptoms. He is supportive. We talked (ok, I cried, and he talked). Given our histories before we got together over 30 years ago, it is likely that I was the one who contracted herpes and was basically without symptoms throughout our whole relationship. I feel ashamed about this and really alone. I can’t talk to anyone about it except my husband and I don’t want to burden him with being a basket case. Thanks for listening


    Just been diagnosed 3wks ago, initial outbreak in 2018 which when I got tested came back negative??? The angry talk with my now ex at the time he insisted he was clean Dr said he had pimples on his shaft? No symptoms since but mid June I got blisters on my fingers really stung and wouldn’t heal so went to Dr and was given steroid cream as they said it was eczema. 2wks later constipated, burning down there and pain passing urine and bruise like pain down backs if thighs, went to Dr and was given internal exam, urine test and she swabbed me and it came back as hsv2, luckily I’ve not been sexualy active since my ex and I split up in 2020 (lockdown, changed jobs and then had pre cancerous cells removed from cervix). Ive had tingling and burning for around 6wks and waiting on blood results to see if antiviral meds are appropriate. I’m worried sick I feel like this is all consuming for me I feel disgusting and angry because I believe my ex either knew and lied or lied to me about getting tested before we stopped using protection, can’t ever imagine a scenario where I’d be comfortable to disclose this to friends family or a potential partner but I also couldn’t live with myself if I passed it on because I know how it’s making me feel. Here to chat if you want

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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