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    I’m 45 years old and needing support so bad. I got checked every year for all STDs and HSV always were negative. In my last appointment 3 days ago my results came back positive and I pretty much fell to the floor and I’ve been crying for three days. I thought I originally had a yeast infection pretty bad but it also felt like a bladder infection. Since getting this news, I’ve been stressing myself out big time. Today I am having a lot of pain in my bladder. My doctor said if I have an outbreak to let him know and he will put me on some thing. I haven’t had an outbreak as of this moment but I can feel the pain all in my urinary track area. So I’m assuming the outbreak might be in the urethra. I called the doctor and left a message saying I was in pain and I’m waiting to be put on some thing. I’m getting more stressed out that I’m not getting a response back because I want to get on medication right now! I’m freaking out I feel alone I told my best friend. I told another friend but I didn’t say exactly what it was but I said it was serious but not life-threatening. I’m having a severe depression and not doing good. I’ve been going back to school online to get my masters degree and my next class is coming up in a few days and I actually want to cancel my class I feel so horrible! I’m a complete wreck fearful of what is to come. I’m sitting in the bathtub as I write this because the pain was so brutal. I can’t get over this doom feeling. I also just had a breast lift a year ago and my results are awful my scars became keloids. I had another surgery three weeks ago to cut some extra skin off. So I’ve been feeling pretty depressed about that and now this …I feel like I just want to crawl in a black hole and not come out.I have off today but back to work tomorrow. I’m stressing about thinking I will be in extreme pain at work. I would really appreciate someone to talk to you right now and I need support.

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    I am so sorry you are you going through the emotional pain. I had a similar experience a year ago when I was diagnosed with HSV 2. The doctor had such a nonchalant attitude about my diagnosis and I was shocked. I fell into a depression and contemplated suicide and totally suppressed my feelings and ignored my diagnosis. I didn’t have any symptoms or outbreaks until I received my test results…probably because I was stressed out to the max. There’s a me two aspect to dealing with herpes. First you have to accept it and then educate yourself and find what’s right for your body. This forum is a great start to get educated and feel supported. You are not alone!!


    I am 44 and just tested positive.
    I have been with the same man
    For three years. I had a feeling
    He was stepping out and my results
    Confirmed it. Now I’m left to find my
    Self again. My emotions are all
    Over the place.


    I’ve been trying to calm myself down. I understand the stress. 🙁 I have decided to attempt that there is nothing wrong and try to ignore that I have it. That works somewhat. At work I’m a zombie. I don’t feel like talking to anyone but I have to in my job. I wish I had a month at home to care of myself mentally. My next online graduate class has started. I was going to cancel it because of the stress … but decided to carry on. My desire has been to quit the stressful job I have now and become a therapist. I have to keep moving forward somehow.

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