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    We’ve been together a little over a year. We’ve never used protection. I’m a hypochondriac so I’ve always worried any little bump could be herpes and he’s always told me, don’t worry it’s not a big deal..everybody has some version of it. He said if I had it we’d figure it out together. Now I’m actually experiencing symptoms that really make me think I have it…he wants me to get tested so I can stop worrying..but I am TERRIFIED he will leave me if I test positive. He told me today honestly he doesn’t know how he’d react or how that might change our relationship, but he said no matter what he would always still love and care about me. I asked him if I do end up being positive if we could continue our relationship just without sex or something and his response was “well what would I do then?”….I’m absolutely terrified of losing him as a boyfriend, but I do t want to assume it’s nothing and risk his health either. I feel at a total loss…also it’s currently healing so I’m not even sure if I would be able to get tested accurately or not….I don’t know what to do..I feel HORRIBLE and I just don’t want to lose the love of my life to a stupid skin condition….I’m 90% sure he’d leave me…somebody please help…I’m so lost and hurt


    There are ways to completely remove the virus from your system. My best friend just came to me today with a positive hsv result not sure if it’s hsv1 or hsv2, but whatever it is I have been exposed to that for 4 months because we never use protection. I trusted him but I can’t be too sure if he’s given me anything just yet im going to take a test tomorrow so hopefully it comes back in time for holidays so I don’t have a shitty Christmas. I believe if you’re honest with your bf that you both should just get tested to alleviate stress from both of you! Stress causes breakouts so try to keep calm through this and keep your head up!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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