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    Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and I just wanted to see if anyone is experiencing what I’m going through.

    I found out about my herpes diagnosis back in 2017, but until September last year, I had one outbreak or two and it had abated for years. Then all of a sudden since Sept, I’ve had monthly outbreaks.

    I explained to my doctor who put me on twice a day acyclovir, which I have now been taking for a month. But now, I’ve just had the worst outbreak I’ve ever seen, with a Batholian (sp) cyst to match. Did anyone have a bad run with the tablet, or has any general advice to pass on?

    I am *so* glad this forum exists…


    Hi Jas , I was diagnosed Genital Herpes 1 2016. When I was diagnosed, they gave me acyclovir and after that I only had 3 outbreaks for the first year. After that year I notice my outbreaks been coming every month. I went back to the doctor , she dose it up but still it wasn’t working had a lot of sores every month no days off. Again went back, she didn’t know why it wasn’t working so she gave me stronger one called Valacyclovir 1 gram, now I don’t get a lot of outbreaks and if I do I get less sores than back than.
    Stress plays huge role too well for me and negativity.

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    I am having the same issue happening. I was diagnosed about 20 years ago with very few outbreaks and wasn’t on any medication. Then all of a sudden within the last two months, I’ve had 11 sores. Right when one is healing, another begins. My doctor put me on 3 grams per day of valtrex and it is NOT stopping the outbreaks. They just keep coming. I am so stressed about it.


    I’ve experienced something similar, think I’ve had it for years but use to only have outbreaks every now and then. But in the last year they are occurring nearly every month. I’ve been put on acyclovir 3x daily upping to 5 x daily during outbreak. My outbreaks occur just before period is due and think it’s linked to my hormones as I have perimenopause symptoms.
    I’m planning on seeing my gp to see what they suggest.


    Hi, I’m so glad I found this forum. I was diagnosed in April last year. Since then, I felt it was best to begin suppressive therapy as I was getting regular outbreaks but also to help me mentally. I thought the outbreaks would either completely stop or that I would get a few in the year. But since September, I have had 7 outbreaks 🙁 they aren’t severe and they go within a few days but it’s having a big effect on my mentally. I’m taking 400mg (two tablets daily) but can anyone suggest anything? I sometimes get one spot when I’m due on, but can also be random. Thank you xx


    feel your pain acyclovir 400mg twice a day did nothing for me and my breakouts were worse then when I was on nothing! so went onto Valtrex 1000mg a day 3 weeks ago and I have just had a breakout, I am due on so that maybe why, also take lysine, multi vitamins and zinc too,
    tempted to try Chinese herbal medicine have read that this can help? anyone have any success?


    Have had HSV 17 years. Had OBs maybe once a year and very mild. Suddenly now monthly and worse. Would love to email with others in the same boat.


    I came here for the first time yesterday to talk about how I got a Doctor’s info from here an how I contacted him and he gave me a medicine which really worked. My own outbreaks were the worst and the pains, I wouldn’t want it on my enemy. But for the last four months, I have been living my life normal without any outbreaks, pain, sores. I have even slept with my partner and he didn’t get the virus for over four months now. The Dr actually told me I won’t be able to transfer the virus through sex. I think y’all should check him out. If he can help me, he can help you too.. Reach him on Instagram @dreldersegunjohn

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