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    It started in August 2020 with body aches and pelvic pain that lasted only a week and since I had a history of unexplained body aches, I didn’t look into it; however I went to quest and got tested and I was negative for HSV 1&2. Three week later I got a sore throat (the throat wasn’t inflamed at all according to my ENT) but I had a burning sensation in my throat. After two weeks it slowly faded away but then my tongue became inflamed. Slightly swollen with a white tongue. Went and got tested for HSV 1. Tested negative with IGG test. A week later my anal became irritated (not painful) so when I took a mirror to it, I saw little tears. I was stunt by that since I never had anal sex of any sort. I always had a burning sensation in my vaginal area. Went to my doctor and they did a vaginal culture which came back negative. A week after that I got a 24 hour rash in my cheek that I didn’t even know was there but stumbled acrossed it since I was on high alert. I went back to get another blood test (7 week post exposure) and tested negative for IGG 1&2. I don’t know what to do. Most of my painful feeling has nothing to do with a sore but more of body aches, headaches, sore tongue and occasional stomach pain and anal irritation. Now my daughter is itching all over and rubbing her eyes (I hope I didn’t expose her to it unknowingly). I’m in a nightmare because I don’t know how to accept something I keep testing negative for. I wish I just knew! Any similar stories of constant negative results? I’m going to retest at three months which is next week.

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