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    Hey everyone,

    This is mostly a vent post, I feel betrayed by men and I hate them too because those jerks barely get symptoms and throw their penises around like it’s nothing without the bad affects. They rarely get tested, because ….. MEN…..

    I was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago.

    I was obstaining from sex for about 7-8 months and got tested two weeks before I decided to have sex with this guy I was talking to. Unprotected of course. (Biggest mistake of my life)

    My tests came back negative, as it always has the in the past. (I used to be a sex worker so safety is a huge thing for me)

    Anyways, a couple days later I got itching, over a period of 12 weeks my symptoms got worse, from burning,It turns out he gave me Trich, Yeast infection and HSV1 and also a severe bladder infection AND UTI. I had to go to the hospital because of the pain and sickness.

    Being an ex-sex worker I already felt that I had no worth left, now I feel that I’m utterly worthless and disgusting. My best friend had it and was helping me through it but she passed away a mere 4 days before I got the official results.

    I don’t ever want to date or have sex every again. I feel like no one will ever love me or want me. I don’t want kids because what if I infect my child? Who would want a kid with me anyways ?
    How does everyone else feel about dating after being diagnosed? How have you gone about telling the other person?

    I’m bisexual and with women it’s such direct sexual contact that I can’t have anymore, unlike men if I really wanted to a condom would be used but doesn’t work for a woman.

    I lost the person that was my support, and I’ve been wondering who out there had things like this to share. I’m truly thankful for this forum.


    Hii, Im in the same boat as you but I was given hsv2, the feeling of disgust you have for yourself to “let” yourself be put in such a position (well that’s how I feel) I’m 30 and I did not think I’d ever be put in this position too, I’m only writing here because if someone answers your questions be sure to pass on please, I can’t imagine being intimate with someone now but when I am with someone I love sex and head and I doubt I’ll ever feel what heads like again. I understand what you’re going through

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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