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    Hi everyone, I was recent diagnosed with hsv1 (gential) over a month ago. I had a really bad outbreak that lasted over 2 weeks which made me discover the virus. Just a little back story I’ve only been with 2 men my ex and my current partner. I got the virus from my ex about 5 years ago and it’s pretty much been dormant in my body until now. The person I’m with now has test negative for the virus which I am happy about. My current partner of over 2 years has been really supportive and loving which has honestly helped a lot and has not looked at me differently. But I am really struggling with depression and trying to be happy. Since everything I’ve been having panic attacks, over sleeping, and losing weight (unintentionally). I have lost 10 pounds within in 4 weeks. I really am trying to be positive and move past this but I still can’t come to terms with how this has happened to me. I constantly feel shame everyday about my situation. I’m constantly having the thought of why is this happening to me and did I do something to deserve this. Since my outbreak I haven’t had another but my doctor has put me on suppressive therapy for year with valtrex. I just feel hopeless and confused and I don’t know how I’m going to move past this

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    Thank you for your response Maria. It says the reply has been marked as private but it won’t allow me to see it. How do I gain access? Sorry I am new to this forum


    I just copied and pasted something I wrote to another user with the same case.

    Here are some facts you need to know:
    – HSV-1 –> 50%-80% of people have it.
    – Normally, you catch the virus during childhood with the kiss of a relative.
    – When you catch as a kid, you build immunity and won’t get it genitally.
    – What happened to you is that you didn’t get herpes type 1 in your childhood and initiated your sexual life without antibodies. You got it from oral sex. That was your first exposure to the virus.
    – Genital HSV-1 viral shedding (when you shed the virus without symptoms) is 2-5%.
    – It’s super rare to transmit HSV-1 through genital to genital contact, you get it from oral sex.
    – So, if you are not having an outbreak with genital HSV-1, you don’t need to disclose it (scientifically, not morally). Just give your body a year to build antibodies.
    – Since the sacral ganglion is not its’ favourite place, people with HSV-1 have fewer recurrences. The average is 0,7 per year (3-8 when people has HSV-2). Most people with HSV-1 have 1-3 outbreaks in the first 2-3 years, and then no more. (There are people with G-HSV1 that would say that they have more recurrences, but still, it’s rare). I have only had 2 in seven years. The first one was pretty bad, the second one was a rash and a cut 7 months after. After that, not at all. Nothing.
    – Scientifically, disclosure of genital HSV_1 shouldn’t exist since the transmission from genital to genital is extremely low.
    – Since almost everybody has it, you can just tell your new partner to get tested, chances he already has it are high. Since my diagnosis, I always asked my partners to get tested (I wouldn’t like to get HSV-2), from 10 guys I dated, just one didn’t have HSV-1. Three knew they had it because they remember having cold sores when they were kids (confirmed with the test), and 6 had it and didn’t even know it. They just knew it with the test. Fact: I’m in my 30s. So at 30, the stats of HSV-1 are 70% at least.
    – I disclose this by saying, I have the virus that causes cold sores, and it is herpes type 1. And then I explain the differences between type one and two. I say that I was unlucky to get the virus during childhood, and that was unlucky but lucky enough to catch Herpes type one, the nicer one, and that disclosure of genital HSV-1 is more trust than transmission.
    So, if your new partner has it, it’s okay, you don’t ping-pong the virus.
    I have never been rejected (and no, I’m not a hot girl. I consider myself average). I explain all this by looking at their faces, being calm, and I make sure to explain the differences, I also give them the fact sheet from, and I normally ask them to listen to a podcast called “The Big herpes episode with Terri Warren” on youtube. In my experience, it’s really refreshing when my partners listen to this podcast. It answers all their questions.
    – Last thing. Don’t read or try to watch videos about herpes. A lot of people and even doctors don’t know this information and say “herpes is herpes”. I would suggest reading about it with Peter Leone, Terri Warren and Hofdsman. They are researchers dedicated to this virus.


    Hey jasmine, I would suggest you seek out a professional who is a specialist in herpes, he can help with the outbreaks, I haven’t had any in months now. Trying to drop his website, but this is not allowing, but you can reach him also through WhatsApp on +2348148717513. You will thank me later.

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