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    I’ll start with my questions.
    1. Does anyone else get hemorrhoids in correlation to HSV-2? I believe I may have anal herpes as well as genital due to a prolonged period of non diagnosis. I’m still sorting out what is and isn’t a symptom for me, but seem to be getting hemorrhoids or something very similar now after my ‘first outbreak’ and was wondering if other people experience this too as there isn’t much I can find on the subject.
    2. Has anyone tried Gene-Eden-VIR or Novirin?

    Here’s my story:
    I’ve known for years that something was wrong, I just didn’t know what until a few months ago. I thought I most likely had interstitial cystitis or painful bladder syndrome due to recurring UTI type symptoms that never tested positive for bacteria in a urinalysis. I think it started with a trip to the ER 3 years ago due to intense lower abdominal inflammation and an acute pain in my right lower abdomen. I thought it was appendicitis but the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me. Over the next 3 years I saw 12 different doctors, had a CT scan, bloodwork, countless rounds of antibiotics, changed my diet, went to acupuncture, magnesium salt baths, probiotics, oil of oregano etc. (it’s too long to list everything I tried).
    A few months ago as I was taking one of these baths I discovered tiny water blister looking sores on my inner labia. When I showed my husband, he confessed to having been diagnosed with herpes-2 30 years prior.
    I believe I went undiagnosed for years because I never found any external symptoms, but I talked about my ‘mystery illness’ almost daily with my husband who claims that he never connected the dots. Along with this most intimate betrayal, I feel let down by the medical industry, who told me during that first ER visit that I was tested for STDs and they were all negative. Not one of the 12 doctors I saw suggested a herpes test. Many people on this forum have experienced similar resistance, or neglect in terms of testing for HSV.
    My first outbreak was horrific, sores all over the left side of my vagina and butt, my left labia had so many that it swelled to 3 times its normal size and felt hard like old leather. I had a herpetic rash that went between my butt cheeks to just above my pelvic bone. I also had striation-like ‘bruising’ that ran along my veins on the back side of my left thigh. I’m still not really sure what this is called, I sent a photo to my doctor who just prescribed a topical cream but this was more internal/nerve oriented than surface bruising. I peed in the tub for a week to alleviate the sting and as I’ve mentioned earlier, I believe I have the virus anally, so my bowel movements were stressful as well.
    The worst part of this whole experience is how avoidable it all was. This was not an accident. My husband knew he had it and did nothing to protect me from getting it. What’s worse, he then allowed me to suffer for years claiming that he didn’t think that I could get it from him since he hadn’t had an outbreak in over 10 years. It is basic human morality to inform a partner about a communicable disease you know you have. It’s hard to believe that there are people out there that don’t know this. Please tell your partners, not everyone has symptoms but a percentage of people do and it is not something I would wish on anyone. Allowing people to make informed decisions about their own health makes all the difference.
    Thanks in advance for any responses. I’m hoping this post will help me in my recovery.


    *butt bone not pelvic bone


    I am so sorry you are dealing with all these issues. I believe for myself, that it was dormant in my system for many years and my immune system became severely compromised is when it appeared. My husband told me he had herpes early in our relationship so it must have been a shock to you, I am sorry! My husband hasn’t had an outbreak in years and it appeared in me after 29 years of marriage. I have been on valacyclovir which I have stopped since it stopped working. I take 1000mg of lysine 3 times a day, zinc, and started CoQ10 which seems to be keeping it manageable.

    I wish you well!


    I guess I think that I was having symptoms all along just not a full-blown outbreak. I had other signs just not any external visible sores (at least that I found). I had the fishy smell… even asked my husband if I smelled different to him. I had awful vulvodynia and since this went on for years, there was a period of time where sex was too painful so we had to abstain. I was worried then about my husbands need for sex over my own pain which sickens me now.
    Yes, his revelation was quite shocking, couldn’t have gone worse. I think the shock and betrayal coupled with bad medical advice made my outbreak far worse than if I had been more calm. Stay calm is probably the best advice I have to give right now-which I am trying to follow myself. Grappling with the emotional side of contracting the virus and with the emotions surrounding the betrayal has created an endless loop of outbreaks since the first one although thankfully not as severe. I was always a crier but it seems to be worse now. It is very difficult to move on when you have physical symptoms that pull you back in. Recovery is not a straight line for sure.


    Yes, stress is a component to outbreaks so try to be mindful. It will be ok and just Breathe, you can get through this and be ok. (HUGS) to you!


    Omg I thought I was the only one who was having anal issues during an outbreak. I don’t know if it is hemorrhoids or what but now everytime I have an outbreak this happens, super itchy and it hurts so bad with bowel movements due to the anal skin being like torn.


    I jist found out 4 days ago. I have them all over and the worst ones are on or around my anus opening.

    They tear open when i have to poop. I nearly passed out from the pain. All i could think of WA…..this is prob whay it feels like to shutting razor blades. This is what i have learned.
    1) constipation is normal Side effect
    2) gets stool softners
    3) I apply burn gel when i feel the pressure building so it numbs my anus for what’s about to happen.
    4) apply diaper rash cream with high zinc to protect bacteria from passing and entering. The cream also helps when it comes to wiping after.

    I also take high Tylenol throughout the day for pain management as well.


    Hi Rae and Complicated92,
    I’m sorry that we are all part of this club now, but thank you Rae for sharing your advice on dealing with this. It is much appreciated.


    Finn, I too suffer from a hemorrhoid but this caused another or so. This is so painful. Although my outbrake has passed its the hemorrhoid that is painful. If the whole herpes topic isn’t a turn off dealing with painful hemorrhoid(s) don’t help me feel normal or sexy.

    No sorry i don’t feel like doggy ever and that is/was my favorite. Wearing things also a no go…. They burn and hurt. Ugggg i just want to feel attractive again.


    I’m so sorry for all that you are going through. Here for you for support!

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