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    Hey everyone, I want to start off by thanking this group for existing because these last 24 hours have been some of the most emotionally and physically painful times of my life. I am also sorry for this excessive post, I am only 20 dealing with this and am really struggling. My boyfriend and I have been together for over 2 months now and I have not seen or felt anything until this last week. It started coming on feeling as a UTI , just some discomfort and slight tingle so I thought I could self treat at home, I waited the week and it only got worse to the point where I had to make an appointment to go get checked. Where he told me I have HSV-2. I am really looking for someone to talk to throughout all of this. My boyfriend felt a sore on his parts although we thought it was from dry rubbing (it didn’t look too suspicious at all) but days later I personally started getting much much worse. I have had unprotected sex prior to him although I feel wouldn’t I have some sort of feeling before him? Because I have NEVER felt this way in my life until this past week. Fast forward to last night and today, I have been sitting in the bath tub for hourssss on end, not sleeping, crying, in excruciating pain and my blisters and wounds seem to only be progressing. I have been on medication since yesterday and was given something for the pain today. I can’t sleep, I can’t get out of the bath tub and I can barley walk at all. Does this get better? Will I go back to 100%? When does the pain start to die down? I’m so concerned, confused and alone. My partner has been amazing although I pain I’m feeling I would love to talk to someone who has been through this. Thanks again.

    Also a side note- It is my time of the month as well, I am not able to use any feminine products or even have anything slightly rest on myself. Please help !! 🙁



    I am new to this group as well. My first outbreak was extremely painful. My advice is to be gentle with yourself. It does get better!! I have had two outbreaks since my diagnosis and the second one was less painful. Just remember that the pain does not last forever. Once the outbreak is clear you will feel 100% again. You are not alone! We are with you! Hope this helps:)


    I am also new to the group and just recently diagnosed. My symptoms started the same with just a UTI but progressed. I don’t have my period but what’s been helping me is not wearing underwear and living in cotton sweatpants and drinking a lot of water. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Hang in there – you’re tougher than you think. You got this.


    Hello! I am new to the group and was diagnosed with gHSV-2 in March. I was 21 at the time. At first I noticed some small tears and itching, I thought I had a yeast infection as I’ve had a few before. The sores developed within a day and were incredibly painful. I got on antivirals the day I was diagnosed but didn’t feel relief until almost the end of the week long treatment! I googled an at home treatment of hydrogen peroxide and baby powder and it worked wonders!! Keeping the sores dried out is crucial. I would reapply after every time I used the restroom, which was complete hell!! About a week after treatment my sores had healed almost completely with no scarring or marks. I have started daily suppressive Valacyclovir 500 mg and I have not had any symptoms since! Trust me, it will get better and you will feel normal again! Since my first outbreak was so aggressive and painful, I get the daily suppressive antivirals were the right choice for me. Hope this helps! If you want to chat, message me and I’ll let you know how to be in touch!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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