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    soo i am currently experiencing my second outbreak and i literally feel like i’m dying. i was diagnosed during my first outbreak over a year ago so i’m very thankful that i haven’t had to deal with as many as some of y’all BUT yo this is not okay!!! i keep reading that your first outbreak is usually the worst but not mine. can anyone relate? my first outbreak was super painful but i only had 1 lesion on the outside of my china. this time i have multiple on the inside and outside of my china as well as on the inside and outside of my ass. it’s debilitating. how do y’all handle this pain??? i can’t walk i can’t sit i can’t stand i can’t even think about going to the bathroom without crying. also, any tips on making these heal faster. i’ve taken 1gm valacyclovir every day since i’ve been diagnosed so i’ve been taking 2-3gm during this outbreak but it’s been the most excruciating week and a half of my life. SOS


    I make a batch of the cream most times only once a week to fill orders, I have only been making it for the last 4 months, a few people tried it and then I started having others ask me for it. Be clear NOTHING can get rid of our diagnosis, My cream only help the whole outbreak symptoms. I am someone who went from periodic outbreaks (every two to three months) to every time I got my menstrual cycle, then to three weeks out of the month having different outbreaks. Then one day I looked up and my typical blisters that I would always get in the same spot on my vaginal area or on my behind started to be this crazy itching issue. I was going crazy until I realized it was an outbreak as well. I suffered for a long time trying every darn thing! I am really all about natural products (even more now 🙂 so I kept using all kinds of things to stop the itching and then I realized my mixture was working and it calmed the itching and healed up the chaffing I was having and when I even feel a tingle I APPLY and nothing happens. You can email me at madelinemay25@yahoo if you want to try it for your symptoms.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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