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    Hello Dr Kelly and group,

    I have had HSV1 both oral and genital for 15 yrs. I contracted it when I was 19 from a boyfriend who had a cold sore. Aside from the first few outbreaks which were excruciating, it hasn’t been that big of a deal. I get cold sores pretty often, and outbreaks on my Perineum less frequently than I get the cold sores. I’m a pretty high strung person who becomes anxious easily and my demanding job doesn’t help things. Two times in the past 2 months, I have had what may be an outbreak, but it’s right in the spot where the bottom of my clitoris meets the labia minora (literally the worst place to experience pain). It acts like an hsv outbreak, but my concern is that even when the pain goes away, the apparent lesion never disappears. These episodes had symptoms unlike my previous outbreaks. I’ve had pelvic pain and UTI symptoms like urgency and feeling like I can’t empty my bladder. Is it common to suddenly have outbreaks in a new place, with different and more severe symptoms than before? I can chalk up the pelvic
    Pain to the 24/7 muscle tension due to the location of the outbreak and the pain involved. But the fact that I can still see a “lesion” between my clitoris and labia minora even after the symptoms disappeared scares me and makes me wonder if this is something else. My gynecologist has examined my clitoris twice and says it looks like an hsv lesion but can’t explain why it won’t go away. She had recommended Valtrex 500 mg daily to suppress and try CBD oil topically to see if it helps anything. Any experience with this-sore not healing?


    Over time the skin can start to tear easier when you have lesions that appear in the same areas, also the ones that are more interior are harder to heal at times just due to the possible bacteria, acidic urine and sometimes soaps become irritants as well to the affected area. For me, I make a batch of the cream most times only once a week to fill orders, I have only been making it for the last 4 months, a few people tried it and then I started having others ask me for it. Be clear NOTHING can get rid of our diagnosis, My cream only help the whole outbreak symptoms. I am someone who went from periodic outbreaks (every two to three months) to every time I got my menstrual cycle, then to three weeks out of the month having different outbreaks. Then one day I looked up and my typical blisters that I would always get in the same spot on my vaginal area or on my behind started to be this crazy itching issue. I was going crazy until I realized it was an outbreak as well. I suffered for a long time trying every darn thing! I am really all about natural products (even more now 🙂 so I kept using all kinds of things to stop the itching and then I realized my mixture was working and it calmed the itching and healed up the chaffing I was having and when I even feel a tingle I APPLY and nothing happens. You can email me at madelinemay25@yahoo if you want to try it for your symptoms.

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