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    I was diagnosed a little of a week ago and its really hitting hard. I was just starting to really love myself and starting to date again (I havent been pursuing men in years, because of a fling I thought could lead to something).I was in a semi good place to start over and now I feel like I’ve hit a new level of rock bottom… Does anyone have an good stories of successfully dating again and building your self-esteem back up??


    I know how you feel. I was diagnosed in July 2019. I dated someone that wasn’t worth my time. I had decided never to date again. Then I met a wonderful man at my church that had been interested in me. I told him about me and he understood. He wanted to know what we needed to do to be safe. We both decided to wait until marriage before being intimate. I had decided that after my diagnosis. My self-esteem has been up and down depending on if I think about it. It doesn’t define my life and it shouldn’t define yours. We are do much more than that.

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    Let me share my story. I contracted herpes from my current partner. I knew he had it before we became intimate. This did not stop me from pursuing the relationship. This was 2 years ago. We have a very loving, healthy relationship. I have zero regrets. If we broke up, I’d still have zero regrets. Herpes is far more common that we know and a good human will not reject you based on this. There are good people out there waiting to meet you. Love yourself more than ever, herpes does not define you and you will find the love you want and need. Hugs.


    I was diagnosed with it 9 years ago. I get it from my ex partner. It has been so long time but still is os hard for me to open to people. I have been dating one person who haven’t rejected me because of that. We are not in relationship but we become really close friends. I’m too scared to revile this problem. People are so quick to judge other,thats why I am still single since then.

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