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    This guy I’ve been seeing for 3 months casually mentions recently that he cut the base of his cock shaving. Which seems very common and normal. I just so happen to make a joke that he has herpes. Now this was merely a joke as I believe the common “go to” for anything on your genitals is jokingly herpes. I definitely didn’t believe what I said considering I even “kissed it better”. We went on vacation that weekend and had sex numerous times, in every orifice possible.

    The night we returned from our trip we were engaging in foreplay prior to intercourse and my vagina felt a little tender, so I cautioned him to go slow. It just so happened I had an appointment for a biopsy of my cervix that Tuesday to test for cell abnormalities due to my last Pap smear. When I saw my gynecologist I mentioned the tenderness and how sensitive I was when he did the exam. He said he didn’t notice anything of concern and wrote it off to irritation from too much friction.

    My vagina was very swore and agitated from the biopsy, but I assumed it was normal. I didn’t have flu symptoms, it didn’t hurt to urinate, I was just sore. The day immediately after I’m washing myself and I feel 2 bumps on the inside of my thigh. They felt like pimples. I immediately got out of the shower and got a mirror to examine myself. The bumps were just raised. There was no puss filled anything or rash but there also appeared to be a Very small sore (literally one and very tiny) on the upper lip near my clit. Coupled with that the discomfort from the biopsy seemed like it was excessive. I had this liquid draining from me that my doctor did mention would happen for about 2 weeks but the smell was profuse. I felt something was wrong.

    I Immediately went to see him the next day and upon my exam, he casually says, “oh, you have herpes”….WTF?!! He did a swab, wrote me a scrip (just in case) and sent me for bloodwork.
    I took the prescription and 2 days later the sores were gone. So I figure based on all the information I read in horror over the weekend he had no idea what he was talking about because what I experienced was nothing close to the herpes I read about online, let alone the clinical symptoms.

    Then Wednesday comes and I get a call I have herpes. I immediately call my partner. He gets a blood test. We’re both freaking out. BUT THEN I see my blood test and I’m only positive for HSV1 and he gets his blood test and he’s only positive for HSV1. However my doctor explains my swab came back positive for HSV2 which means it was a newly transmitted virus since I’ve yet to develop the antibodies. So I tell him the last person I slept with was back in June, it’s now November and you’re the only person I’ve slept with. Therefore you must have recently just contracted it hence the “razor cut” on your cock and now I have it.

    What sucks is on paper as of now I’m the only one who “technically” has HSV2. And I’m 10000% certain he gave it to me. But with all this misinformation I’ve been reading online false tests, monogamists who suddenly contracted it, positive test with no symptoms, negative tests with symptoms; I’m really upset and confused. ESPECIALLY if he tests again in a couple months and just his luck gets a negative test (when he could actually be positive) and I’m the only one feeling like an outcast and HIGHLY discouraged.

    Every itch, tingle, etc freaks me out. I’ve probably looked at my vagina 1000 times in the last 2 weeks. I feel gross, frustrated and sad.

    This virus is ridiculous. You’re supposed to tell people but condoms aren’t fool proof, it might be a pimple but it just may be herpes, you can get it without symptoms, it’s not apart of standard STI testing, your test may be inaccurate…wtf is going on

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