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    Hi, I was just diagnosed with Hsv1 today. I have so many questions. My husband who we are separated has given it to me. He hasn’t got his results back but feel like he’s in denial, or he’s like this is common a lot of people have it. And is acting like it’s okay. Which I’m having a hard time processing this. So he’s not showing symptoms in his gential or mouth area. But I have only slept with him the entire time of our marriage and during separation. I know for a fact he’s had sex with another girl during our separation. But he’s putting blame on me and now he’s being distant. If we both have hsv1 could he eventually get it in his gential area of we do end up working things out? Do we need to tell people we have hav1 if we don’t stay together? He’s making this seem like it’s not a big deal. Can we pass it back and forth of we do have sex again?im just so confused and lost!


    Having HSV1 is very common. This is the type of herpes that can be found in cold sores or most people even carry that causes chicken pox. Its the HSV 2 virus that generally causes genital outbreaks. You can check facts on .edu websites. The one below is from the World Health Organization.

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    So I have genital hsv1, his text results show he has hvs1 but his doctor said its bit an std. So will he have them on his genitals soon or never? I’m sure he gave it to me oral but he never has has a cold sore ever. Is my genital hsv1 serious and does he and I need to tell our next sexual partners? Or if we continue to have sex, can he get it genital from me, if he already has hvs1?


    So here is the thing with gHSV1 (what I now have)…. it sounds like he has oral HSV1 without knowing bc people can be carriers and never know or have a ulcer/cold sore. When ya’ll had sex did he go down on you? Friction from foreplay, intercourse etc causes micro-tears in the skin. We usually dont notice bc we’re having fun. But since he has HSV1 in his mouth, and he performed oral sex on you, then you now have gHSV1. Because he was shedding the virus and didnt know or doesnt realize how the tranmission process works. From my research, I was Dx in March; gHSV1 does not produce breakouts as often as HSV2. Simply bc gHSV1 virus would rather be in the oral mucosa and not in the vagina.
    Just bc you have gHSV1 does not mean you will have oral HSV1 or HSV2. And from what I’ve read, it is possible to have both types but since you will develop partial immunity from having gHSV1 it decreases your chances of getting HSV2.
    He had HSV1 oral ulcers and will most likely not have genital sores in this instance. If you are shedding the virus (not having symptoms) or having an active breakout then yes you can transmit the virus. Since he already has gHSv1 oral, he wouldn’t get it again but you could transmit it to his genitalia, causing him to develop gHSV1. Does that make since?
    As far as telling partners your status, you should tell them so you aren’t putting them at risk of catching the virus without their knowledge. gHSV1 is not as easy to transmit from female to male. Using a condom, dental dam, antivirals, and not having sex before, during, or immediately after a breakout will decrease the likelihood of transmission.
    Also, gHSV1 doesn’t cause as many breakouts/yr as HSV2. Do some research, watch some youtube videos on people who have herpes and be informed about this virus. I hope this was helpful.

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