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    Hi, I am very happy for this community. I am recently diagnosed but I think I have had HSV2 for over a year. Now that I know the diagnosis I am trying to decipher if and what prodromal symptoms I experience before an outbreak and links between yeast infections and my treatment of them.

    I am hyper aware of any pain I feel and so I am constantly paranoid that I will get an outbreak especially when I have been stressed and not sleeping enough. I also read that having sex can be a trigger so this has been weighing on me and my boyfriend. How long did it take you all to figure it out the prodromal symptoms? Is it fairly obvious?

    Also, I have frequent yeast infections and I wonder if these can trigger an outbreak. Or if the treatment does? A little less than a week before I became infected, I was using boric acid suppositories for a yeast infection for the first time and I wonder if it contributed to the outbreak. I’m fairly confident about when I got infected and so I don’t think the suppositories caused an outbreak from a prior infection… but maybe they contributed to it? Anyone had outbreaks after boric acid suppositories?


    When I had my first outbreak I thought it was a yeast infection, I’m prone to getting them often as well. I used Monistat1 (very strong) which alone can irritate the skin. I wouldn’t say it caused the outbreak, more like accelerated what was going to already happen. I used it in the morning, then later in the evening/night, the bumps became sores and were VERY painful. I do believe it wouldn’t have been as painful if it weren’t for the boric acid in the Monistat1 treatment.

    Been diagnosed for about a month now, which is when I had my first outbreak. Currently having an outbreak now, and this is appearing after having had sex a couple of days before writing this response. I am still trying to figure out prodromal symptoms too. I would say I’m not having 6/10 of the initial symptoms I had during my first outbreak. That being said, I DO have a couple of bumps, they can sometimes feel like someone is poking me with a needle but thats not all the time. Sometimes I get this throbbing feeling where they are. Also a bit of itching. All of these symptoms I had the first time too.

    I’m testing what my triggers may be as well…its really hard to say. I am getting my period in a few days, which was the same case as my first outbreak. Could be the hormones? Could be the sex? Could be the stress of traveling? Or all the above? Maybe a personal diary/log would help figure out prodromal symptoms?


    Thanks for sharing. Great idea! I am definitely going to have to keep a diary/log. Especially because of the yeast infections… I might need a whole new management strategy.


    HI ladies!
    So I thought that I had a yeast infection as well, and my doctor did say that I had a yeast infection and HSV. BUt…. I’ve been reading that the blood tests aren’t accurate and that yeast infections can cause sores. This is super personal, so no need to answer, but this has been the thing that has been bothering me the most, discharge. I don’t see any sores but then my dish care didn’t match what they were saying online. It didn’t smell fishy or anything. But I would love any input you guys have!


    I also thought I had a yeast infection before being diagnosed. I would have have outbreaks right before my periods (I would get a tingle feeling and then a sharp pain at night) so I spoke with my doctor and she put me on suppressive therapy, taking valtrex 1g a day. Since then I do not have any symptoms and I have to say it really helped my physically and mentally.


    You should go for original herbal medicine, it helps very well. I did used it and it worked for me and am guessing it will also work for the yeast infection. I haven’t had any outbreaks and sores for over two years. Anyway, you should talk to the Dr yourself to know if he can help you. Here is a link to his site.

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