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    My name is Maggie and I’m a new member. I have HSV 1 and 2 diagnosed with blood tests 4 years ago, Im 48 years old. My body always tells me when Im going to have an genital outbreak with Prodromal nerve pain in my sciatic area, my buttocks and one or both of my legs. I have only experienced one time that I did not get an active outbreak following Prodromal nerve pain. Im currently in the worst prodromal nerve pain i have ever been in. I cant sit I can’t walk and I can’t lay down, the pain in my left lower back, butt, leg and foot is so Intense I want to die. I have never had Prodromal pain this bad ever. Is there anyone that has something that works for them that is natural that will help. I will not take antivirals and I will not get cortisone shots in my spine for the pain. I’m all natural vegetarian, clean living lifestyle. I know why this out break happened. I have been in extreme emotional stress for a week. I just need some relief from this pain. Thank you for any suggestions.

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    Omg! I’m in the same exact situation. I’m experiencing the worst prodromal pain too. I’m not new to this but this intensity is new. Arnica tea is helping me. It’s an old remedy my mother used for pain. Try it and see if it can help you too. Best wishes.


    I had had chronic outbreaks for 6 months: Oct.-Feb. Finally got my Vit. D level checked and it was very low normal. Started 4000IU D daily along with doTerra essential oil OnGuard 1cap daily…I have not had an outbreak for 5 weeks! Pain gone!
    I live in a northern climate and due to Covid was not outdoors as normal. The minute lake season ended in Sept. my outbreaks did not respond to antivirals or anything!
    I think my D level plummeted. It is needed for healing, stress and immune function. Get yours checked. Also, doTerra melaluca topical oil helped with pain and itching. Good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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