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    How do we get through the pain of this.. it’s so draining I just cry.. I wasn’t mentally in a good place already and now I can’t even move without wanting to cry. I’m in my first outbreak and I know this is completely chotastrofising BUT the pain I feel at times makes me beleive I can’t do it… I already have depression along with many other shitty things going on.. I feel so low right now. Is there hope for this? I just need to know how to manage this if I can and anything I can do to make it easier because right now this I’d definitely a blow I couldn’t take.. please someone help me understand this better, cope with it better I’m in tears as I write this… I just don’t know


    You are going to be ok. Really you are. Check out the advice on this website and other reputable websites out there about how to control the pain. My doctor put me on an anti-viral pill and it took a couple of days to kick in but things have gotten better. And take care of yourself in other ways too. Reading through all of the comments on this site hopefully helps you feel less alone and gives you the strength to move through this bad time. Take care!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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