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    Does anyone have kids? I’ve had herpes for a while and I’ve been in denial. I do everything so that I keep my toddle safe. I read about this stuff and I take meds but not always. My outbreaks aren’t bad but I’m still afraid to transmit it to my toddle. I’ve never sat down with an expert and asked how to avoid transmission and just know what I’ve read. This page seem to have a good Dr and I decided to join. Can it be transmitted through sharing a bottle of water or utensils? I always try to be careful with these stuff. Any moms out there?


    If you have oral hsv I wouldn’t share drinks with your little one. Even when you don’t have a visible sore you can still be shedding the virus. I have genital hsv 1 and a little one at home. I just make sure to always wash my hands after using the rest room. Don’t share towels or bath scrungies. No bathing together. I know it’s stressful Mama, but you got this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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