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    Is it normal or common to have outbreaks after having sex?
    I got diagnosed in June this year and have had a few outbreaks. My partner and I had sex and it brought on an outbreak. Is that common and will it happen every time? I take suppressive meds every day.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.


    Yes, I did notice sometimes I would have sex then an outbreak, I don’t know if It was the hormonal changes from being aroused or the friction from intercourse but when I would log my outbreaks and things that was happening on times they would start, sex was one of them. For the outbreaks, I make a batch of the cream most times only once a week to fill orders, I have only been making it for the last 4 months, a few people tried it and then
    I started having others ask me for it. Be clear NOTHING can get rid of our diagnosis, My cream only help the whole outbreak symptoms. I am someone who went from periodic outbreaks (every two to three months) to every time I got my menstrual cycle, then to three weeks out of the month having different outbreaks. Then one day I looked up and my typical blisters that I would always get in the same spot on my vaginal area or on my behind started to be this crazy itching issue. I was going crazy until I realized it was an outbreak as well. I suffered for a long time trying every darn thing! I am really all about natural products (even more now 🙂 so I kept using all kinds of things to stop the itching and then I realized my mixture was working and it calmed the itching and healed up the chaffing I was having and when I even feel a tingle I APPLY and nothing happens. You can email me at madelinemay25@yahoo if you want to try it for your symptoms.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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