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    Has anyone else been diagnosed or noticed there first out break randomly? Like they weren’t having sex anytime leading up to it? Can’t even fathom who or how it happened? I’m curious because ive heard mixed things! Like my doctor told me that it would’ve had to come from the most recent partner or recent sex but I’m reading on here that others were told differently. That it could’ve happened any amount of time ago and just now appear years or months later. My mother was diagnosed with herpes when she was pregnant with me, I wonder if somehow I was always a carrier? Is that a thing? Thanks for reading my rant.


    Yes. I had sex with a partner of one year in very early July 2017 and we separated in early September without having had sex since July. He told me before we started dating that he had tested negative over the years and I believe him. I also had tested negative over the years. In mid-September, at my yearly exam, i asked for my usual STD testing, including an HSV2 blood test. It came back positive (negative in 2016). I was floored. My PA said that yes, I could have been exposed many years ago and the virus just now showed up to cause an outbreak, giving me antibodies. I had gone through a stressful August and then had diarrhea for several weeks from a gastro upset. So I guess my immune system was weakened and the virus finally broke through into an asymptomatic outbreak. I remain, knock on wood, asymptomatic after two years but of course I can infect a partner through viral shedding. I even took the Western Blot test at the University of WAshington Virology REsearch Center to confirm. Bizarrely, I test positive for HSV2 and negative for HSV1 even though I had two long term relationships with men who had cold sores on their mouths. To be negative for HSV1 seems statistically impossible! My parents both had mouth cold sores…. I have written the VRC several questions so if I get clearer information from them I’ll post the answers here. This is the weirdest medical experience of my life!


    Hi Elaine,

    I was recently diagnosed with HSV-1 and it came out of nowhere. I have been with my current partner for over a year. It is super confusing because although it is entirely possible one or both of us had it and didn’t know, how have we not spread it or had outbreaks until now? My doctor didn’t have a good answer, it is completely plausible to her that I received the virus over a year ago and am just now having an outbreak due to triggers or stress. My take-away, is that it’s a super unpredictable virus that continues to change so they don’t always 100% know how you got it, why or from where. Aside from doing due diligence with testing and notification, I wouldn’t spend my energy wondering why you got it, from my experience it is a neverending cycle of conflicting information. I am focusing instead on what may have triggered my outbreak, i.e. unhealthy diet, stress, etc!

    Hope this helps!


    I too am in a similar situation. I have been with my spouse for 8 years and have a one year old. I have been suffering since delivering with dryness and irritation and went in 3x to have it checked out. The last visit they finally said it looks like herpes and I received a swab and blood work confirming HSV2. She said it could lay dormant for years and make an appearance. I can’t say stress was a factor as we went through some pretty stressful things prior to having our baby including miscarriages and job issues.


    Hi Elaine,

    In my situation I was informed that I had HSV1&2 February 14, 2018. I had only been sexually active with one guy at the time, but I went to urgent care and a nice lady explained everything to me including my scores and what that meant.

    She told me that my levels and numbers meant that I had HSV1&2 however it was old and just now appearing. I found out later that I contacted it from someone from 2015 and here it was 3 years later, that it arrives.

    So I think it can come from out of nowhere, it can be transmitted from your parents or like my friend she gained it as a baby from people kissing on her. As she puts it, she was the “pass around baby” so it can occur several ways.

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