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    I was diagnosed when I was 20, I am now 24. My initial outbreak was bad. I went 4 years without one, even when I was most stressed.

    I disclosed to my boyfriend a week ago, telling him I didn’t have an outbreak since my initial & am asymptomatic. He didn’t care at all, and we proceeded to have sex for the first time without condoms, and did it again 2 more times.

    I have only had a few sexual partners between when I was diagnosed and him, and never had transmitted.

    The past couple days, the skin next to my labia on both sides has been very red & irritated. When I look, i don’t see any blisters or open areas, just raw/redness. It burns slightly but I also wear scrub pants that are kind of tight and walk all day long at work. It’s not really itchy, just occasionally but I usually can be itchy down there sometimes. I am unsure if this is a breakout. My first one was so bad and this is about 5% the pain I experienced in my first one.

    I also did shave very quickly in the shower the day before we had sex, using a cheap razor and just soap (no shave cream), so I am unsure if it’s shaving irritation as I can sometimes get that but not this bad.

    I don’t know if I should tell him. I know obviously not to have sex until this is gone. I just don’t get how I randomly get a breakout when nothing in my life has changed much other than me having sex much more than I’m used to.

    Any advice would be appreciated!



    See your gynecologist who can tell you if you are having an outbreak? I personally would tell my partner.



    Tell your partner, even if you are not sure. Being truthful and transparent is important. Get checked by a medical professional to be sure as there are many different symptoms of an outbreak.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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