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    Hi, I’m currently waiting on my swabs results, but am fairly sure they will be positive. I’m only on day 4 and was told it could take up to ten days. I’m trying to accept it now but am struggling. I’ve been depressed and barely eaten or slept in days. I know this isn’t the end of the world but feel like it is. I havent been able to talk to anyone in my life and am not sure I will be able to. So I was hoping for some encouragement or advice. Thank you.


    Hi there, I’m not sure I can help but I can tell you that I am exactly where you are right now. I am currently waiting for my results but,like you, I know what the answer will be. I feel the most shame I have ever felt in my life because I should have known better. I’m 50 years old! I also can’t eat and I’m taking Ativan to sleep but my doctor would only give me 5 because she feels mental heath is too questionable. I’m not sure how I’m going to sleep 2 days from now.
    I hope things work out for you. I know my life isn’t over but it sure feels awful.


    Hi ladies!

    I just went through the same thing all last week; got my results this week and It’s been a rollercoaster. Are there any friends you have that you can talk to? I’ve told few of my close friends/family who all responded SO positively and have revealed personal stories, or have acknowledged that I’m not their first friend with this.

    The most important part of this journey I’ve learned is having a support system. If you have someone you trust fully please consider talking to them. Those who love you will NOT see you differently and they will be there for you! It makes alllll the world! Just take it day by day it gets better I promise – I’m still on my journey but how I feel now compared to last week is night and day. You’re not alone and you have the pink tent supporting you!


    I guess I feel like I dont want to tell anyone until I know for sure, so I’m struggling with that. And there’s such a stigma that I’m terrified to talk to anyone about it!


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    My best friend is the only person I’ve told. She has supported me through the worst moments of my life. I have a very long and sad story. I keep thinking life has to get better, it can’t possibly get much worse and then wham!…herpes. This year was supposed to be my new beginning and so far it’s just one horrible thing after another. The worst part of all this I can’t even bring myself to put here, I’m so ashamed.
    I am thankful I found this forum though because even though my best friend loves me, she doesn’t have herpes so there are things she just can’t possibly understand.


    Know what are you been through, that herds a lot. If u want to try what I used, may be that can helps u.
    I hope it help u.


    Would anyone like to email?


    HI Ro,
    I am in the same boat and waiting for my results as well but based on my symptoms I am pretty sure what it will be. I have already had an insanely difficult year and to add this on top has been tremendously stressful. I always feel that talking about things is very helpful for me so if any of you want to email you can reach out to me:


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    Hey there, don’t worry so much maybe it’s just in your head and the results will come negative. Stay positive and good vibes everything will be ok. We are here for you if possible to guide you and show you the best solution that’s the main reason for this forum. stay positive gale.. XoXo


    My email is littlebit7876@gmail…. Im still trying to come to terms with it all too


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