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    I’ve always been careful with my sexual partners. I also haven’t had many. I started seeing someone and it got serious, quick. We had sex with condoms and eventually stopped using them. I had asked him about testing and he said he was in the clear. I also hadn’t known how many partners and how recently he had had sex. I trusted him. Three months in the relationship I was diagnosed. I was in shock and shut down. He said he didn’t know. I felt beyond betrayed. Eventually I said, “we need to learn how to tell people if we ever break up”. He said, we’re never breaking up. The stress of herpes went away when I realized he was the one. 3 years later we broke up. So hear I am feeling the stress and depression of a breakup with someone I thought I’d marry, along with having a new world of realizing I’m going to have to date with herpes for the first time ever.


    Hey! I’m going through a similar situation. I just found out recently and I’ve been devastated. I’m newly single and I haven’t told a single person about my diagnosis. I just can imagine having that conversation yet. So I guess I’m just not ready. Dating is hard enough already right??? All I can say is that I really do believe it gets better with time. Just take some time for yourself, that’s what I’m trying to do. We’re still worthy of love and happiness. I’m not sure where my journey will take me but I think support is very important right now, especially from people in similar situations. I’m so sorry about your breakup
    I hope you have someone to talk to ❤️
    You’re dealing with a lot. Sending healing vibes your way.


    The only advice I can give is don’t let other people’s opinions of you and your life define you. Lthere is this obgyn on YouTube that I follow and she always says this quote “you do the best you can with the information that you had”. Its not your fault you unintentionally given this virus. The other part about it is it does not define you! Its a skin condition that you have to deal with periodically. And even while you are dealing with an outbreak, you go on about your day and do all the things you need to do. Life doesn’t stop because of this diagnosis. I hope this helps. I definitely am sorry the person you thought you were going to marry didn’t work out but that same feeling can be found again if you are open to it. Nobody in this world is perfect so as you go into the dating world just be honest and upfront with people. This is me and I have this and are you ok with it? If not, Thank you, next!


    I’ve just been diagnosed few weeks ago but it’s looking like I was misdiagnosis and have had it since 2018 (3 tests since the outbreak in 2018 were negative, was told it was HPV and pre cancerous cells in cervix and I’ve been HPV negative since July 2020 haven’t been sexualy active since my surgery in January 2020, feel I can’t date because I know I’m too ashamed to tell anyone I have this and I can’t risk passing it onto anyone either.


    Hello, I too am newly single after diagnosis years ago, 23 1/2 years to be exact. That was when I got married. I did know about his diagnosis before sexual contact. I researched all about herpes and decided to continue in the relationship and get married because I believed I would be with him for life. That ended 2.5 years ago .I never disclosed to
    My doctor or sought treatment out of embarrassment.Just “got through” every outbreak. I have been searching ever since single for support , information. That search ended , or perhaps began anew when I found Pink Tent. I have hope now going forward. I ordered Dr Kelly’s book and look forward to
    Learning to aid and live with this
    Diagnosis. So thankful
    The book will address dietary helps, emotional distress and psychological healing.I’m here to give support as well as receive support❤️


    Hello, you can give Dr. Nathan natural herbs a try. They are very effective and powerful. I haven’t had any outbreak since I started using them.
    You can reach Dr. Nathan by WhatsApp: 234 245 0092

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