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    I was diagnosed July 30th, 2019. My story… I divorced im 2015 after 12 years. I didn’t feel ready to date until this year. I dated a guy over the summer who I think gave it to me. I was diagnosed with bith HSV1 and HSV 2.. Yay me! I was devastated with my diagnosis! I felt and still feel ashamed, dirty, embarrassed and depressed. Although I have not had an outbreak every bump, itch or weird feeling i have i think its one its exhausting. I wash my hands all day long, i don’t kiss my kids except on the top of their heads.. We don’t share food anymore.. Makes me feel like an awful dirty mom÷😞 the guy that i think gave it to me ghosted me after telling me he was ok with trying to see past my diagnosis which hurt more than he just telling me up front he wasn’t ok with it.. He is HSV1 positive. I think im done dating and having sex.. It’s just not the risk anymore. I don’t want to spread it and im scared of getting something else! I tried taking antiviral meds as a preventative measure but they made me crazy.. Headaches.. Mood swings.. So i stopped taking them. Then I was on line reading about people that describe how awful and painful having herpes is and how it can cause neurological issues.. Scares me to how my body will react to the virus in the long run! Im so scared.. Ashamed.. Hurt..mad.. So many emotions!!! Sorry to be such a downer but how I feel!!!


    I know how you feel. You may never have an outbreak. According to research some 80% of those infected don’t know cause they never have a break out. I unfortunately am not one of those people. Like you I got divorced in 2015. Took me 2 years to date. Dated two men. One gave my hpv and the other hsv 2. I was diagnosed with that 3 weeks ago after I went for what I thought was an ingrown hair. I cried for days. My partner claims he has never had a symptom. He’s waiting for his blood test. I had a culture come back positive and my blood was neg. my doctor said that means it’s my first outbreak and I picked it up less then 12 weeks ago. Cause anyone who comes in contact with the virus symptoms or not will have a positive blood test after 12-14 weeks. So there is no way I didn’t get it from the guy I’m kinda dating now. I know how you feel about not wanting to risk it and kissing your children. My son is 7 and I’m petrified I can pass it. I have a counseling session tomorrow to ask my medical questions. I too was married 20 years. Have had 3 sexual partners and I’m over 40. Thought that would make me low risk. Nope. I’m so sorry. I found this damn forum cause I just needed to know I’m not alone. I’ve been taking valtrex daily for about 3 weeks with no side effects. I want to suppress the virus, hopefully so it won’t reoccur at all.

    What made you get tested?

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