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    Hello ladies, I was diagnosed with HSV-2 14 days ago. I believe I’ve had it for years (I know at least 2) This is my first outbreak that I’ve had and it was not as bad as what I’ve read on here.

    I feel almost guilty posting here because it seems as though I’ve been lucky with symptoms. I must have gotten it from my ex that I was with for 5 years so how long exactly ive had it is hard to say

    I may have been the person to never know or have an outbreak but had the perfect storm. (Covid, moving, injury at work and workers comp, best friends wedding, tanning for wedding) all these things happening at once is why I think I had an outbreak.

    I’m having a hard time excepting what this means for me, for my relationship. I have been dating my now boyfriend for a little over a year and a half. He was tested and came back negative. I expected him to run for the hills instead hes been incredibly supportive and keeps saying we will figure it out.

    He has been wonderful and I feel as though I’m the one with the issues… I cant get past it. I’m the one with the hangups. I’m the one upset and thinking it is going to ruin us. I don’t know how to get out of my head. I dont know how to move past the feeling or being grose and dirty. I dont know how our relationship survives this.

    I’m hoping I can talk to some of you ladies and can figure this out together and hopefully stop learning on my poor bf so much.

    Have any of you ladies gotten past this feeling? How did you do it? Have you had success dating someone without herpes?

    Thank you for your time in my rambling post


    Hey writing because I’ve been bothered too lately. I was diagnosed over a year ago and after I had started dating my bf for only a few months. I didn’t realize that it was hsv because it was on my lower back. Not sure how I got it and will probably never find out. My bf has been super supportive too but anytime I get an outbreak I feel super guilty and panic. Just a couple months before my diagnosis he had revealed that he found out he had hpv. I was very understanding and maybe that’s what helped us get over this too. I still personally can’t get over it and can’t help but think this is going to affect how he will feel about me. Honestly it’s been a while now and nothing has changed between us and we’re more in love now than before. Just can’t help but feel terrible because we have a really awesome sex life so I hate to put a damper on that. I still have a hard time talking about it with him even though we are close and he is understanding. Idk there’s no easy way I guess. I feel like i should talk to my therapist about it but still feel reluctant to. To all the girls that are scared that no one will ever love them again I definitely feel like that’s untrue the right person will be understanding but it’s still not easy.


    I think that’s one of the hardest things. We’ve had this amazing sex life for a year and a half and now theres all these blocks. He cant go down on me, we have to use a condom now. I’m so hypersensitive and worried about passing it to him that I feel like it might be the death of our sex life.

    It would be easier if he came back positive when he was tested but everytime I think that I feel so guilty for that thought even crossing my mind.

    Tx88: you’ve had it for a year with your bf without passing it? What precautions are you taking? What’s the hardest thing for you guys and what works? How much would you say its effected your sex life

    I feel in this moment it’s made mine and my bf’s bond stronger but idk if that will last and he will get fed up with the road blocks


    @beauty you can actually have your amazing sex life back with the right med. I contacted the virus some two years ago but having started taking the right med over like six months ago, I now have an amazing sex life without having to worry about outbreaks and having to pass on the virus to my partner cos I won’t. You can write me on

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