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    Hi all I am new here and was recently diagnosed with genital HSV2 in October. I had a single sore break out that I believed was a knick from shaving. When I went to my University clinic the dr asked if she could test me for herpes just in case. To both of our surprise the test came back positive a week later. I believe my ex of 2 years may have given it to me. We broke up in July. I cannot reach out to him because the relationship was very toxic and I could put myself in a worse situation by reaching out to him. I had been really been struggling with my confidence after the breakup and right when I was beginning to heal I got my diagnosis. I feel incredibly lonely and alienated from my friends as I do not know anyone else struggling with Herpes. I also have found that the Acyclovir has been making me feel ill (nausea, headaches, diarrhea) and my mental health has been worsening as well. Has anyone else had these issues with the medicine? I feel grateful that my first outbreak was so minor and went away very quickly after beginning medicine but I have still been struggling with my confidence. I was very confident about dating before the diagnosis and now I feel extreme anxiety at the thought of dating again/having to disclose my diagnosis with a new partner. If anyone has advice or supportive words please share!(: I could really use friends who understand what I am feeling/going through.


    Hi bre your not alone I was diagnosed about two weeks ago an I am 29 weeks pregnant I contracted it from my baby father an did not even know I had anything until a sore appeared below an I went to the Obgyn an they told me it looked like herpes I was so hurt an devastated bcuz I colder beleive that my child’s father would have put me an his child at risk of herpes an it’s hard to believe an even hard to deal with but I’ve been trying to keep my head up take my medication an try to go on with life it may not b easy but its not the end of the world I was also worried that no one would accept me or love me knowing I had herpes but I just pray an try to look at the Positive things in life I have not told anyone. As in friends bcuz I’m still trynna face reality that I have herpes I cry as well bcuz it’s a Hurtful thing to learn that u have herpes but if u would like to chat I’m always here an I just send u positive vibes an hoping that u can learn to cope with this diagnosis like I am trying to but things will get better


    Hi Bre, just like the previous reply said, you’re not alone. I think this is the place to know that amidst all of the darkness.

    I just attempted to start dating again and the first guy I told before we were planning to be intimate. He was skeptical of the heavy make out session we had. I thought he ghosted me.

    He replied ten days later with holiday wishes, waited to see if I would reply and proceeded to berate and humiliate me over text. He called me a horrible person for not telling him before heavy petting. He wishes me a horrible new year because he’s going to have to be tested now because I’m so gross and my moral compass is deranged.

    So yeah, those cruel people exist. And wherever he got information on the internet, it clearly played into the stigma.

    I never want to date again. I’m 29.

    I’m not telling you this to deter you. I’m also looking for support. As hard as it is for me to wrap my head around, the number of men who will accept our diagnoses will be less to sort through but fingers crossed we’ll find a right one through all the bad.


    Girls you are not alone,I never realised how many of us feel alone in this situation and I’m soo glad I found this forum,I’m sad,confused and really lonely and I want to start this year on a positive.would love to chat x


    Hi everyone,
    I’m 25 and was diagnosed 2 years ago, an ex of mine was cheating on me and that’s how I found out. Double bummer.
    I’ve been fine for 2 years, up until this morning when u noticed another outbreak. I’ve tried all day to be seen by a nurse but as its sunday I now have to wait until tomorrow.

    I understand the shame, its not nice at all, and I’m often put off dating. The stigma around this needs to be broken!!!


    Hello to all the women on this thread!
    As everyone says, you are not alone, we are all here for the same reason and trust me I have been through every emotion trying to come to terms with my diagnosis.
    I am 28 and I was diagnosed 6 years ago when I was 22, at the time, I had a long term partner and I became very very ill, felt like a flu and I also had severe pain going to the toilet. After doing lots and lots of research I knew it was Herpes, I went to my doctors and got the diagnosis. I told him what it was and after lots of back and forth he admitted that he knew about it! T
    I thought I had dealt with it until this year, I started dating a guy, we became intimate and I told him about my diagnosis about 2 weeks after we starting being intimate with each other (which in hindsight was wrong of me but we still used protection) when he found out, initially he was very supportive and he wanted to continue our relationship. But then he went away and done his own research and then decided that he did not want to be in a relationship with me and that I had ‘played God with his life’! He made me feel so worthless and all my past trauma has resurfaced and the last 4 weeks have been the worst time for me. I am only finally starting to feel like myself again but my self-confidence has gone!
    I just wanted to write a message to say that I completely understand your pain! I’m there and dealing with it myself. But you will be ok and you will learn to love yourself!
    If ever you need someone to talk to, get advice on how to tell a partner, or you just generally have no one else please reach out on my email! I am more than happy to listen because talking about my diagnosis is what really helped me through some dark times! (
    Love & light to you all.

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