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    Hi 🙂
    I have been recently diagnoised with hsv2 in August! I was shocked but with the pain I was in I definitely knew something wasn’t right down there! Ive so many questions since my diagnosis!! I’ve had a small outbreak now every few weeks since. Not painful, very small and cleared up once I started valtrex! Is this normal? To have outbreaks so close? Will they calm down?
    I am starting to try look out for myself more and stop getting so stressed!
    Can I do all the normal things like wax? Will sex always cause a flair up and how long after the fever blister is gone do you have to wait to have sex ..Ect? There is no or conflicting information were I am living and doctors have been so laid back with a “it’s a no big deal” attitude when it is for me! I really don’t want to be searching google anymore because that has made my stress so much worse!!

    Thanks in advance for the replies <3



    Hi, NursieDx-

    I am so sorry you have been dealing with frequent OBs. You came to the right place to get support and credible answers from other women who are on this journey with you. You are not alone.

    I am not a doctor but I have researched a lot about herpes since my diagnosis. Here are the straightforward answers to your questions based on my experience and learning from Dr. Kelly.

    Is it normal to have OB’s so close together? Everyone is different. The short answer is, yes. When you get your first OB it takes time for some people to decrease the frequency. The best way to control OBs to pay attention to possible triggers; foods, stress, physical trauma (sex, shaving/waxing/yoni steaming/heat, etc), a compromised immune system. The best way to know if your OBs are triggered by something is trial and error and also listening to your body. If your gut is saying ‘hold off on waxing for a bit, listen.

    Here is a great resource created by Dr. Kelly about triggers, statistics, self-care, etc. It’s packed with great info!

    My advice would be to take up a meditation/ yoga practice as a first step towards self-care. The most beautiful silver lining of this diagnosis is realizing ways to love ourselves more deeply. Meditation, dancing, yoga, singing, creativity and feel good activities helps to lower stress and amp up our JOY and self-love. Check out youtube for guided meditations. Choose something for mood, relaxation, joy.

    Sex is a trigger for many women. Try to avoid rough sex and… invite coconut oil into your life as your NEW BFF! Pure, organic coconut oil can be used as a lubricant during sex, for soothing (add a few drops of pure lavender or tea tree oil).

    ARGININE ALERT! Arginine is an amino acid that is in many protein powders, all nuts, and many seeds, condoms, lubricants. Pay close attention to this amino acid as it helps herpes to flare up. It is a major trigger for many.

    LYSINE is your friend! Lysine, on the contrary, is an amino acid that helps suppress the herpes virus and other viruses too. It is magic! I would suggest getting a Lysine supplement and a health food store ASAP and start taking it in the mornings as part of your self-care regimen.

    ZINC! Zinc is a game changer for many people with herpes because having a lowered immune system is a trigger for many. Start taking zinc to kick-start your immune system back into high gear.

    I hope these items help.

    As for your docs acting like it’s no biggie…. grrr… I get that. It’s hurtful and frustrating because it feels devastating and confusing when we are going through it and trying to get our bearings after diagnosis. However, relatively speaking, once the dust settles and you learn your bodies rhythm with your OBs it really is something that is manageable, I promise. Docs are nonchalant about it because it is SO incredibly common and poses no real medical threat. It’s biggest medical upset is the mental stress, shame and sadness we feel when we are diagnosed… but that all softens, I promise.

    You have asked some really important questions, darling and you might want to consider scheduling a call with Dr. Kelly (first call is free) to see if you might be a good fit to join her community and course to learn all of the facts you’ll want to know. There is also a secret FB group. And/or talk to her about her one-on-one coaching program. It is really empowering and helpful. It was a life-changer for many of us.

    Hang in there. You will be OK.



    Thank you so much! I really appreciate the reply 🙂 I will look into all this x



    Hey! I was also diagnosed 2 weeks ago and had a major outbreak then took the antibiotics. I have a very small outbreak of one sore currently and I was wondering if this is to be expected. I have reading about the nutrition and supplements out there and have started paying attention to those. Also I’m experimenting with treating this sore naturally without pharmaceuticals. I’m nervous to find out how my virus will manifest but that figure that may take several months to figure out. I’m trying to keep stress low, pay attention to nutrition and not worry about it too much. Let me know if you want to chat. Nicola



    Hi Nicola 🙂
    My first outbreak was really bad! I was on vacation and had to wait as I couldn’t get to a doctor! Sitting on a 9 hour flight was excruciating 😖!! I take valtrex and clears it up pretty fast! I didn’t have the usual signs I was getting a outbreak though! Now I do, all though it’s only been two months I can tell when I get a little tingle or itch that one is coming on! I’ve had two since my initial outbreak. But both times has not been painful and I only knew because I looked! It was more like a area of irritation then a blister for me! I can’t have any suppressive therapy until at least 6months my doctor said. I’ve to wait and see how outbreaks are ( I’m hoping they stop being so frequent).
    I started l-lysine, multivitamin and zinc! Wether they are helping I don’t know yet 🙈! I wasn’t very good with my diet but I am starting to get better. Stress I think is a big one for me but I’m trying to control it! Also I tried dabbing some tea tree oil or lavender oil on the effect area and it helps 🙂 it also smells so nice! I’ve bought some oregano oil but after I smelt that I’m nervous to tried 😂!
    Initially I cried for days! I tried to hold everything in! I was doing ok until I saw a stupid meme on Facebook about herpes last week and got really upset! But then realized that the people saying nasty things are not educated and probably haven’t got tested and just haven’t experienced what we’ve been through!! Everyday gets better for me and I think the less I think about it the better! For me it helped a lot when I told people who I know support me no matter what (my mam and sister). Surround yourself with people that are good for you!
    The only blessing is I guess it’s a virus that kind of gives in a way! It makes you pay attention and start being kind to yourself! I’m only new to all this but I’m here if you need anything :)xx



    Thanks for your response. I’m still struggling with minor outbreaks since my initial episode and am managing the discomfort with tea tree oil. I contacted a naturopathic doctor who told me to give it 3 months and experiment with food, supplements etc. and then he can help prescribe a homeopathic remedy if I need some more support. I told a friend and also speak with the PA who initially diagnosed me. I agree that not thinking about it helps since the largest part of our struggle will be managing outbreaks. Take care.




    It’s awesome that you have been in touch with a naturopath. Because of Dr. Kelly’s (founder of this website and amazing community) knowledge and expertise on treating symptoms and boosting immunity naturally and how that seems to be your desired avenue, I would suggest talking with her.

    She’s a doctor, and fellow H carrier and an amazing woman, mentor, teacher, coach. Your first call with her is complimentary and worth checking out to see how she can help you.

    In the meantime, keep shining, sista!



    Hi- I’m new and experiencing an outbreak now. I was researching about the triggers and was wondering if collagen could be one? I usually have it in my tea every morning and started doing it about 9 months ago.



    A note re coconut oil. It disrupts the ph balance in the vagina and can easily and quickly lead to a yeast infection. I would never use it as a lubricant.

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