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    I was diagnosed back in December so this is a very fresh wound for me. I was very very shocked by the news because I have always been in long term relationships yada yada.

    When I went in to see the doctor the only symptom I had was a little knot like bump (small pea size). It was sensitive and sore. Herpes never came to mind. Cancer was my first guess since so many of my family members have it or have died from it. I was just so heart broken in general. Shortyly after the news I bought your book (thank God). I’ve studied your book daily because I have always liked to know what is going on with my body and what I need to do to take care of it. Now I am so worried and paranoid about everything going on down there. I feel like I have no control.

    The Urgent Care that diagnosed me said I had genital herpes. They gave me Acyclovir (800mg 5 times a day for 10 days). The one little bump went away and the small cuts inside went away. After finding out my diagnosis I went to my doctor and got my paps. My paps was irregular and they did a biopsy. I came back negative for HPV. Yes, these last three months have been so stressful.

    Now I am just struggling with knowing what is an outbreak since I had such minimum symptoms. Yesterday I cried alllll day due to some relationship problems and I think I over stressed myself out and now I have this bump down there. About half inch from my first bump. It’s a little tender and it has grown in size over night. I also have this strong smell, but I am on this immune boost of vitamins that my doctor is having me do. It turns my pee Gatorade yellow (no joke) and my discharge is kind of yellow too.

    Are these any outbreak symptoms?

    I haven’t had outbreaks since my first one and I’ve had many scares that my doctor has told me that weren’t outbreaks. So I just don’t want to be the “boy who cried wolf” at my doctors office. Just this bump truly looks like the first one I had.

    Sorry I hope I didn’t ramble too much. My mind has been on overload with questions and worries.



    Hi Myranda,

    I’m not Dr. Kelly but I read your post and we have so many similarities here that I wanted to write you. I was diagnosed in December as well. I also had minimal symptoms (a couple tiny cuts.) I’ve been struggling trying to figure out my outbreaks too. A couple of times I thought an ingrown hair was herpes but it quickly went away so I know it was not. A few days ago, I started to have discharge and last night, sure enough there is a little bump/blister not in the same spot but very close to where my first outbreak was. This time for me this is not a mix up. It’s definitely an outbreak. I also went to the doctor a couple of times previously in which my doctor told me what she was looking at was not herpes. I also take lots of vitamins. I’m hopeful that they will help some. Anyway, our symptoms sound very similiar and mine is definitely an outbreak. I’ve decided to go on daily Valcyclovir for the next six months to help with the first year, which I hear is mentally and physically the toughest. Hope this message helps you in some way to know others are going through the same thing you are…

    Blessings to you,



    I saw your post on in a herpes support group and I want to reachout and extend a helping hand. This place called the underground cure helped my friend totally eradicate HSV from his body completely…no lie…I witnessed this with my own eyes. If you wan to check them out here’s there site:


    HELLO, i was just diagnosed last week and i have no idea where to start. I am scared of goin to g see my doctor. To be honest i haven’t told my partner yet. I have been in this relationship for 3 years.
    I was tested in June 2015 and was negative. so i am so lost as to how this test is positive. I am trying to do some more research before i talk to him.


    Hello. My name is Meg. And I was diagnosed a few days ago with genital herpes. I have told my ex (we just broke up a few weeks ago) and he was in shock. I think I am still going through the shock of it and this was my first outbreak which was absolutely dreadful. I have been crying for days and just trying to figure out how to get through this.


    Hi All,

    I was diagnosed yesterday and the guy who gave this to me is avoiding me like the plague. I feel so lost and alone…


    Don’t feel alone. I am sorry this is happening to you. The first few months will be a shock, and one way to cope is to take it one day at a time and do as much research as you can about herpes. It really helps. You should pay close attention to the first symptoms you had, and track symptoms on a calendar somewhere. Make sure you have a prescription and refills ready, just in case. You need to first understand how severe your outbreaks can be, and develop a plan to manage them. After a while the outbreaks will lessen.

    I was diagnosed back in October. My boyfriend and I had been dating for 4 months when I got sick from something else. It was rough because he did not know he had it, although I asked him if he had been tested, and he said yes. We had no honeymoon period, it was 2 months of trust issues and freak outs. The one thing that you’ll need during this time is a few people you trust and who will be there to support you emotionally, because the first 4 months are full of anxiety. A new friend of 3 years I trust, and my boyfriend knows. That’s it, hoping one day to share with more people, but
    I am only comfortable with the two I told for now.

    My first outbreak had all the symptoms, but the rash was super tiny, and a few small bumps. It was sensitive to urine, flu like symptoms, I couldn’t pee (had to push hard), and inflamed lymphnods. I got proactive and read everything I could, talked when I needed to, and started taking olive leaf extract herbs to boost my immune system. If anything, I survived flu season without getting the flu, and I am a teacher. I have not had any other outbreaks, and I take my herbs daily, and keep my medicine with me at all times, just in case. You’ll start to feel less emotional soon, and you’ll figure out your regime and how intense your outbreaks. We never have them. We’re those “didn’t know” and “one time only” people. Once you’re ready, there is a site–positive singles–haven’t been, but there are people you can talk to and meet on the site.

    Susan Barlow

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