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    Hi, I’m 24 and a full time student. I have been dating a man for the past 5 months, but since we have all experienced covid-19, we have taken isolation very seriously and mainly because he has diabetes. Well, I unfortunately discovered that I am infected with HSV which strain? I dont know yet because I am waiting on the blood test results to come back. However, not only am i depressed and have been crying non-stop because of this but I might even lose the man that I have grown to care very deeply for, and the reason is not because he has shamed me because of my recent diagnosis. It is because he has diabetes in which makes him more susceptible in getting any virus and also it is extremely hard for him or anyone who is diabetic to fight off infections. I dont know what to do and I don’t know what the risks are for someone who is diabetic and has herpes.

    I feel ashamed and disgusted with myself. I feel like damaged goods and that I’ve been ruined, and that my sex life will never be the same, and it will never be as intimate and lovely as i wanted it to be with the man i want to marry. I’m trying not to cry or give up but it seems like the tears keep on flowing. I know it’s not the end of the world but to me not only was i diagnosed with HSV but I also might lose my boyfriend because of it. Emotionally, it’s hard and I’ve never felt so alone and isolated in my life.

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