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    Hi everyone, I am 21 y.o., diagnosed with genital herpes 3 weeks ago. Initially, I thought it was a UTI because of the burning sensation and constantly needing to pee with little output, as did the NP I had seen. A few days later, I developed red patches that were very itchy. The next day, I had gone to urgent care, but I did not have any sores at the moment, so they wouldn’t test me for HSV. The following day, sores had appeared and I immediately went to a different urgent care. I then found out I have genital herpes after a swab test. Along with this diagnosis, I had also been told by the original NP who thought it was a UTI, that I actually had a yeast infection and BV, all at the same time. With the sores, I had flu-like symptoms (fever, chills), excruciating itchiness and pain. I couldn’t even sit or lay down comfortably, let alone walk. I also had to pee in a bathtub full of water (read about it online) to help the burning sensation and bowel movements were very painful and honestly, I think I had gotten constipated. I was given Valtrex for 10 days for the herpes, as well as medication for the yeast infection and BV. My initial outbreak was extremely painful and honestly traumatizing, I was bawling my eyes out everyday.

    Fast forward 3 weeks, here I am. I currently am not partaking in suppressive therapy, but I am thinking about it because the slightest itch makes me paranoid, thinking I’m going to have another outbreak. Just a few days ago, I saw another NP and turns out I have a yeast infection and BV again. As stated above, I’m only 3 weeks into my diagnosis, but it has taken a toll on my mental and emotional health. Not that I worry I won’t be in a relationship again, but more of I stress over another outbreak. I’ve been incredibly stressed and have also gotten my period since, and luckily, no new outbreaks. I started taking vitamin C everyday and recently purchased Lysine.

    I know that herpes is more common than people think and just that the stigma surrounding it is so awful, but I have had a lot of times where I feel as if I don’t want to be alive anymore because of this diagnosis and my worry of future outbreaks. I’ve read other forums and I know that symptoms and experiences vary from person to person, but a lot of women had said they would have an outbreak even from masturbating, whether with a toy, water, etc. I am a person who has a high sex drive, so you could imagine the stress I have knowing it’s possible to have another outbreak from that.

    Since the ending of my initial outbreak, I took precautions and bought several new feminine products. Cotton underwear for when I have outbreaks or even just an itch, medicated anti-itch wipes (OTC), fragrant-free soap that has colloidal oatmeal (for down south), switched to sensitive skin body wash, and also have unscented wipes specifically for my genital area.

    I know that was a lot of information, but I wanted to share my experience, as well as sharing the products that have helped. If anyone has any advice/tips regarding preventing outbreaks, products/supplements to invest in, their opinion on suppressive therapy, how to deal with mental/emotional toll, or really anything, please share! Like I said, I am extremely new and I have lots to figure out. Oddly enough, deep down I keep thinking maybe my herpes results were a false positive, considering the yeast infection and BV, is it possible? Or am I just in denial?

    Side note: I have a great support system, being one of my best friends and my parents. I also struggle with mental illnesses and am soon to be back on those medications, hopefully that will help with my anxiety over future outbreaks and the increased depression since my diagnosis. I have yet to get bloodwork done, so I am unsure if it’s HSV1 or HSV2, the person I had got it from has HSV1 (it was a fling, I was unaware, and he claimed to be unaware of being positive)

    Thank you all in advance, I really appreciate it and am so happy I found a forum where I do not feel alone. Wishing you all the best!


    Thank you for sharing. I to thought it was a UTI. By time I made my way to the ER I was in a full blown out break. Frim all over my clit and lips right back to my anus and not only everything in between but also all inside my bag as well. I was so constipated. I had a sore or many idk right on my asshole so when it came to pooping the healing sore would tear open and pooping was so beyond painful that i was ready to pass out from the pain. I couldn’t do it I searched my house high and low for stuff yo help. I remembered my doc gave me lidocaine and although I used it all i knew I had burn gel around. I used that to numb myself. Slathered it on some TP and allied the pad like wrap upaginst my skin. It was heaven. Left it on for as long as I could. Then when I knew I had to poop I’d quickly add high zinc diaper rash cream to create a barrier from bacteria and the thick amount of cream made wiping easy. Same for when I had to pee. Oh everything burned. So same deal burn gel to numb and zinc cream to protect my skin so it didn’t burn. My first full bladder release felt so good.

    I’m sorry you went through what you did. I’m glad you got support at home. I to got on here and shared a lot. It’s important for the ones behind us and let’s just hope they find this group sooner then later. It’s a great place to chat and vent. You are not alone. We all have each other.


    Thank you both. I was diagnosed yesterday and like Rae was misdiagnosed initially 8 days ago with a UTI, treated for that, then treated for yeast, then finally properly diagnosed yesterday. I’ve got a huge amount of lesions, bumps, sores, inside and outside. It’s surreal and terrifying. I’m on valycyclovir, lidocaine cream and also picked zinc, echinecea, lysine, tumeric, manuka honey (eating it and applying it)and some OTC herpes ointment. I’m taking hydrocodone and ibuprofen. I got a dr.’s note to be off work for 3 days. I’m just praying something starts working. This is definitely a nightmare, especially reading from others that it didn’t go away for several weeks or about reoccurrence. I’m not feeling very optimistic at the moment, but want to. I’ll see how things progress over the next days.


    Hey I was diagnosed about two months ago and the exact same thing happened to me I’m 17 and started talking to a guy he didn’t tell me he had a girlfriend and proceeded to be with me knowing she had herpes and so did I think it’s the worse my health has been during my first outbreak i really thought and hoped it was a uti but it wasn’t I had a 106 fever I couldn’t walk extremely painful I had bad sores I cried when I first saw them my gums also swelled and got very red I also got a cold sore on my younger I didn’t have any appetite for like almost two weeks I lost weight it also hurt to eat because my mouth was in so much pain it was traumatic and the fact that I had to go to planned parenthood hood alone because I didn’t want to tell my parents (they ended up finding out) I was put on antivirals and it went away in about 3 days at first it wasn’t bad but recently I’ve fallen into a dark hole I thought I would be better but I’m not I feel invalid I don’t feel like me and I’ve had breakdowns and suicidal thoughts my mental health is the worse it’s ever been and he’s happy with someone and I feel like he took the opportunity to find love my confidence, me.I still see hope for the future and I’m doing better then I think.I’m pretty sure I have type one and type two because after finals I got like 6 cold sores in my mouth but I since things like a lot of stress can trigger an outbreak (I decided not to be on medicine during this time )have not had any outbreaks at all down there . And I guess it’s not that bad physically but very mentally draining I hope I make it through this I just got on suppressive therapy and I feel normal. It will take alot of time and healing but we got this 🙂

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