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    Hi there Iv just found out today I have hsv2
    Iv been having symptoms since the beginning of November Iv been to sexual health clinics doctors and hospital and had to have a catheter put in the clinic said it was 3 weeks wait for results Iv been really suffering from vaginal itchiness and back buttocks and leg pain burning sensations and tingling and all sorts but I called the clinic and finally got results and I’m slightly traumatised can’t say this months been great I’m in a new relationship he’s been very understanding so I’m very lucky he doesn’t seem to be bothered but I feel horrible I feel disgusting and ashamed and very mentally depressed at the moment will this pass I knew from the beginning from self diagnosing but obviously wanted proper diagnosing I feel like the last two weeks have been hell I found this group which so far seems amazing but how does everyone cope I just feel infected and gross and I just don’t know how my boyfriend is even still happy to be with me I just feel like this is the worst thing I still unable to wee properly also I don’t know if anyone else has had that the sores Iv had are healing I suppose that’s a good thing but now I feel like Iv got a rash on my bum cheeks I am going to get treatment today so hopefully that’ll help I just feel lost and horrible and I just need to vent sorry for such a long thing I just need to get out what I’m thinking and feeling my names amber btw evrruone and I’m 20 Either way I hope to make friends with people who understand have a nice day everyone

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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