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    I feel like i am “old” to be on these forums, but i am 54 years old and have just been diagnosed with HSV2. I am devastated to say the least. I have been in pain for weeks, to the point of crying almost everyday. I don’t know when or how i was exposed, although i dated a guy 30 years ago who had herpes. after that i was with my now exhusband for almost 25 years and my current boyfriend for 7 years. my current bf gets a blister on his lip with he is stressed or not sleeping enough. 40 year ago he was told it was “impetigo”. i want him to get tested but he doesn’t want to miss a whole day of work. He has been supportive and all of that. but i am devastated. I’m 54 years old with an std… ridiculous.
    I already have body image issues, have been a rape and molestation survivor (warrior status really). I pretty much hate how i feel. i am in pain, despite being on a 5 day cycle of valtrex, and i just want to cry and sleep, but i have to pretend i’m “normal” and ok.
    anyway… i am not sure what i expect from a group but i’m so sad and devastated and in pain. reaching out is the hardest thing. i guess.
    I”m a grown ass woman, mother of 4, 3 bonus kids, 1 granddaughter and 1 bonus grandson. i am working towards my bachelors degree. why is this happening?
    thanks for the vent,


    Sometimes unfortunate shit happens so better things can come. I know its cheesy but its true. Look how well you’re doing in life. You’ve raised a whole family and now you’re getting your bachelors degree. You’re so strong with all you’ve been thru I’m sure it feels like you just want a break, and its okay not to be okay with it or about it especially not all the time. Let urself grieve ur pre herpes life but get ready for the new post hereps life it’s bad once you get a routine and meds under control which I hope you do. Anyways, major blessings heres my email if u wanna chat more

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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