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    Hi new here, I found out 12 years ago I caught an exes cold sore, my way of dealing with it was to pretend I didn’t have it, I stayed with him letting him treat me like shit just so I didn’t have to tell him, agmfyer that relationship ended I met a guy found out he had cold sores so thought great I don’t need to tell him, again because of my need to make it work I tolerated being treated badly, I dated a guy after who was so perfect, treated me so right, but because I was to scared to tell him I ended up making the relationship break down, a couple of years ago I met a guy and on our 3rd date I disclosed I had hsv1, its the 1st time iv ever said it out loud, he was great and didn’t seem to care at all which made me feel so good about it, but he wasn’t the guy for me so now I’m back to that dreaded talk, I’m talking to a guy I really like and 1 part tells me keep quiet and pretent it’s not apart of me but I can’t do that, it’s not healthy and I want something real and built on trust just looking for some advice on how to do it bring it up and handle rejection if it comes to that xx

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