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    I just got diagnosed. I started having pain that turned into an incredible amount of pain I have never experienced. I have an autoimmune disorder and take immunosuppressants…I tried assuming it was something else… anything else. So I pushed off going to the doctor. Then it was the weekend and I couldn’t get in when it had gotten much worse. I finally went and the doctor said it was likely I had herpes…they started me on meds and did testing…gave me lidocaine..etc… I feel just so defeated. I have been reading a lot and trying to get my head right about this but all I keep feeling is how am I going to find someone who will be ok with this. How will I be able to start a family. I have been talking to one guy who is so sweet and I think we could be great together, we haven’t slept together yet..but have talked about it. Now I have to tell him this and all I keep thinking is I wish there was a way I didn’t have to.

    My doctor asked if I want to be on suppressive daily therapy or wait and see how many outbreaks I get and how bad they are after this initial one. I don’t know what to choose. I am leaning towards daily suppressive therapy because of my immune problems already but what if I do that and I am one of those percentages who get one outbreak and then don’t get another one which I have read about.


    hello Kyndra i feel some type off Way after Reading this because i had herpes to and it was an unpleasing feeling and was uncomtforble around people. i got suggested about a product that made me free erased everything from it and i want to help people now like you i can relate to everything you just wrote. I leave the link here you can check it out hope it help you.


    now and the side effects never went away. The drug is complete poison. My dr told me it was safe and to not read the negative reviews online. I listened to him and I completely regret it. There is a reason why there are huge Facebook groups now with 1000s of members discussing being damaged from this drug. but just a few months on my healing journey with natural herbs from @dr_ediale_herbs my health is back to normal with no side effects.
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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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