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    I’m new here. I was diagnosed yesterday and I’m terrified. I have never had an outbreak and my reasoning for getting tested was due to a messy breakup. Long and complicated story short..after I broke up with him he called a week later claiming I gave him HSV-2, thinking it was scare tactic to keep me in his clutch I didn’t think anything of it (as he was pulling out all the stops for me to stay with him), I get tested regularly and I’ve always been in the all clear. I started to think about his accusations constantly and decided to go get tested. Sure enough it was positive, I’m devastated, naturally. I’m trying to stay very matter of fact about it. I could question everything and probably will start having an emotional breakdown soon but for now I need suggestions on what my next steps are bc the NP literally said “why are you so upset?” What do I do from here?? Help.


    I was just recently diagnosed as well. My doctor said that I can take Valtrex if I ever get back into a relationship. That’s assuming whoever it is wouldn’t mind. I don’t have a lot of hope. But I do know that there is the physical healing process but there is also the emotional. Don’t give up on yourself. We can get through this. We are just as valuable and worthwhile as anyone else

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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