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    Hi there I am looking to touch base with someone to get some facts I was diagnosed 2 years ago of HSV 1 genital I have not had a outbreak since the initial when I have a swab taken and told
    me my results. I am recently single and looking for some information on dating and moving forward.

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    Hi Jackie,

    Well. The first thing is to be informed. Having HSV-1 genital is different than HSV-2 genital. are the Here are facts you need to know:
    50% to 80% of the population already has HSV-1 orally.
    It is rare to pass the virus to your genitals once you have it orally.
    HSV-2 genital outbreaks go from 3 to 6 per year or more in symptomatic people.
    HSV-1 genital outbreaks are 1 or less per year in symptomatic people. Most often, they have 1-3 in three years and then nothing.
    Viral shedding (When you shed the virus without symptoms) of HSV-1 genital is like 1-3% depending on the study.
    Viral shedding of HSV-2 genital is 15-30% of the time.
    Without a condom and having sex while there are no symptoms in HSV-2 is 4% from women to man.
    Imagine with HSV-1. It’s almost nothing. The transmission of HSV-1 genital to genital is rare (really rare). You mostly get HSV-1 with oral sex. That’s what happened to you. You didn’t catch it as a kid with the kiss of your parents or a grandpa or grandma; and your first exposure to HSV-1 was oral sex.
    So, you got genital herpes, but you were lucky enough to get the nicer one: HSV-1.
    All you need to do is to request your partner to get tested, the chances he has HSV-1 and doesn’t even know are high. If he has it, no problem.
    If he doesn’t, still, the chances of getting it during sex are really really low.
    Watch a video in YouTube called “understanding herpes” from the American health association. And watch a podcast in YouTube. “The big herpes episode with Terri Warren”. She is one of the top recognized academics and researchers about herpes. All I said and more will be there. If you need a serious paper to understand it, I can’t send it as well.
    Most people say herpes is herpes, it doesn’t matter (even doctors). But, for me, it does matter. Having herpes is not a big deal, and having HSV-1 is even less than a deal.
    I hope this information helps you, and I encourage you to request your partner a test. Maybe he has HSV-2 and doesn’t even know. You should also take care of your health.


    Sorry, I meant “I can send you the paper”.


    And you said you just had one outbreak in two years. Well, in HSV-1 genital, when you have one outbreak and no more outbreaks after a year, in 87% of the cases, it means you won’t have more outbreaks in your life 😉


    Knowing the type(1 or 2) of genital herpes you have is important. Disclosing genital HSV-1 genital is more trust than transmission dear. Keep with your life and try not to catch HSV-2. Keep your health, request a test to your partners.
    That’s all I can tell you. It was a huge message. I send you a hug!


    I have genital herpes 1. I get a lot of breakouts and I’m sure it is hsv1. The outbreaks are terrible but I’m better at managing them.

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