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    My boyfriend and I met 3 years ago. We started dating but it didnt last. He dumped me because we had different lifestyles. I had herpes 2 years ago with another ex I had. My boyfriend looked for me 6 months ago… I told him that now I have herpes and he decided to stay with me. 3 days ago he had an appointment to see if I transmitted to him or not, since he had a pimple in his dick. He doubts now about being with me, because he is scared of having it. I kind of understand his fears, but Im devastating. I want to be with someone who accepts me how I am, so I dont know what should I do.


    Dr. Kelly


    I know how hard this being in limbo can be.

    Take the time you need to determine if he is a great catch for you. If so, be patient and see what happens after he is properly diagnosed.

    If he is not ready to move forward with you and he IS a great match, know that there is another guy out there that will want to be with you no matter what.

    You are worth it!

    Dr. Kelly

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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