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    I’m new to the forum but I’ve been struggling with genital HSV1 since March of 2020. A little back story on how it happened. My husband and I got married that January. About a month later I stopped taking my birth control, which I was on for over 15years. Anyway one day I remember having this sharp pain like something was inside my vagina. It was painful to sit. And I was super itchy near my rectum. I’m a nurse and I assessed the area and I thought it was some kind of rash. Never once thought it was herpes. Called my GYN because I couldn’t get rid of it. Was ordered a steroid cream with no relief. Went into the office to be seen and they took a swab of the lesion. A few days later while at work I got the call. I was positive for HSV1. My heart dropped.
    Fortunately my husband is very supportive. And since then he has developed oral hsv1. Neither one of us is sure who gave it to who. And it honestly doesn’t matter. But it’s the stigma around it that makes it so difficult to deal with. Since my diagnosis I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.
    I should add that after diagnosis I started taking valacyclovir 500mg for suppression. But I was still getting outbreaks so it was increased to 1000mg. But recently I’ve been getting outbreaks every few weeks. It seriously makes me so depressed. I just feel so disgusted with myself over the whole situation. So now I am waiting to hear back about seeing an infectious disease doctor and see what they can do. In the mean time I’m trying the Lysine and zinc. I hope it keeps it at bay.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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