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    I was in a long distance relationship for 5 months where we didn’t use protection. Lets call the guy M. No symptoms occurred with M and everything was fine. We broke things off about a month ago, but stopped having sex a month before that. 3 months after the last time I had sex with M, I had a new partner. Lets call him D. D and I went at it (had sex) with no protection and pretty rough all Friday night and Saturday morning (vaginal and anal sex). I was pretty swollen but we kept on. Saturday I was pretty sore, Sunday not so much but Monday..Monday I woke up with a slight fever and body aches. I was itching down there and thought I also had a yeast infection because whenever a male has ejaculated in me (D did), I get a yeast infection. So I bought Monistat1 and called in sick to work. This is when things get excruciatingly worse.

    [From here on I want to go in to as much detail as possible for those (like me) who are looking for similar symptom progression]. Monday it started BURNING down there after the Monistat1. It was TERRIBLE. I had a headache all day, body aches, throat hurting, slight fever, but at least I could walk.

    Tuesday had the same symptoms, just not as bad, but now I could not walk (called in sick to work). I took a mirror down there and saw I had a pimple or two. Decided I’d try to pop them, but they didn’t pop. Then I saw what looked like sores in the opening of my vagina. And this terrified me. I went to a local Planned Parenthood, and because its me and I am VERY lucky, there was no doctor in the office (only nurses) and I could not be seen by an OB/GYN but I could get tested for STIs/STDs. So I did. Peed in a cup (which HURT at this point) with Monistat1 chunks in it as well as bits of my soul. The nurse told me Monistat1 is very strong and can cause burning/irritation. But if I had sores, I needed to be seen. I could not go to another PP later that day with a doctor because I had already been seen and apparently you can’t make 2 visits in one day. So after that, it was a last minute decision but I decided to drive down home (7 hours away) for the holiday (Thanksgiving).

    Wednesday, because home is a big city, I went to another Planned Parenthood and was seen by a doctor and swabbed. I had a urinary tract infection (UTI) and am waiting on my results for HSV. She prescribed me Acyclovir, which I believe is a generic brand for Zovirax, for the sores? On this day, it really hurts to pee. Apart from the burning of the UTI, the pee is burning my inflamed vulva and sores. I take AZO and 3 Ibuprofen throughout the day for the pain.

    Thursday same problem peeing (and pooping now, I have a hemorrhoid from the anal sex I spontaneously decided to do last Friday). But now I have this pain that sort of goes down all the way to the bottom of my feet. I can feel it when I walk and when I touch the areas that hurt, theres a slight tingle. I remembered seeing a symptom of HSV was swollen lymph nodes, I checked general areas on my body where they are located. When I got near my pelvis/thigh I felt a bump there that kind of hurt. I’m assuming its a swollen lymph node.

    Friday I make the 7+ hour trek back home. Peeing still hurts, but mainly I think because of the sores and my vulva that is still swollen. Sitting hurts, walking hurts, laughing hurts, bending over hurts, thinking that I will test positive for HSV hurts. I try to drink plenty of water so as to not get another UTI, but its painful get out of the car and go pee. I finally get home and go straight to the shower to sooth everything down there, but it still hurts/burns. And I got my period. At least when I am out the shower, the pain in the sores isn’t so bad anymore and I can walk without it hurting. I still feel the tingling down my legs and in my feet.

    Saturday, it hurts to walk again. I think its the blood from my period that is irritating my still swollen vulva. The sores don’t feel so bad, but now it REALLY hurts to poop (eye roll) which I know is a whole nother story and forum/support group. I still feel the sensation in my feet. It hurts to sit down (which wasn’t happening last night after my shower).

    My doctor did not give me a visual confirmation that I have HSV (I think she was being nice). Because I went before the holidays, I’d have to wait until probably next week for my results. She also told me that seeing symptoms this soon after my sexual encounter on Friday is unlikely, but is very likely that I had it already and am getting my first outbreak now (IF I do test positive). I asked her how far back in my sexual parters should I go to tell them this. She told me not to mention it unless they have symptoms (??!?!?!). It can be very mentally stressful. She also told me to wait until I get my results to start telling people. She gave me a bit of hope, saying how she’s swabbed a person before that had sores and tested for HSV, and came out negative.

    I am pretty sure I will test positive. I am mentally terrified, but mostly dealing with the physical pains because at least I can sort of do something about those. I don’t know how to tell D. Is he the one who gave it to me? D has kids, is he going to hate me or yell at me or call me all sort of names? Will the look in his eyes change whenever he sees me after I tell him this? I can’t even imagine telling M. I’m basically still in love with M and this would stop any chances of us ever being together again. Did HE give this to me? Its been 3 months since I had sex with M and when we were together, he was the only one I was with. Should I even tell him? The last time I saw M, he didn’t want to have sex. Was this why? How will I tell the next person I am intimate with..?

    Then, I think about MYself. Can I kiss or touch my family when I see them during the holidays? I do BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), can I still do this sport I love? When will my next outbreak be? I hope it doesn’t hurt this bad again. Am I going to tell my friends/housemates? I need someone to talk to, but I don’t want to be judged by them forever. Will I have insurance in my county for the next time I have an outbreak? Can I afford meds if I don’t? What will I need to be conscious about not sharing with people? HOW do I even tell people?

    As I am writing this I am a crying mess. Please, if you have HSV and these symptoms are familiar, let me know. Any advice on how to deal with the burning/pain would be greatly appreciated. Especially while being on your period. What did your doctor tell you? Was it similar to what mine told me? If you’ve had this for years, did you have to change parts of your life (working out, physical contact, etc.) and how?


    Girl, you are me & I am you. I was recently diagnosed. Im still upset. I don’t know who gave it to me, which I think is for the best. This website saved me from self harm. The stories are so comforting. The motivation is helpful. Theres a video going around on this website by ella dawson, you should watch.


    Your story sounds exactly like mine. I had unprotected sex on Thursday and Friday and by Sunday I thought I had a yeast infection. I went to the doctor and got prescription antifungal and also found out I hate a UTI. After using the prescription antifungal it burned and I couldn’t pee. The doctor assumed it was a reaction to the medication. The next day I took a mirror and looked and sure enough I had sores. I went to my OBGYN and just by visually looking at it she said she thought it was HSV but she would do a viral culture just to be sure. My blood work came back negative, but the viral culture came back positive for HSV-2. I take valtrex daily to suppress it. I still workout normally, nothing has changed there. Most days I feel like a normal person but there are still days and nights that I cry and wish I was normal again. It will get easier.


    I starting having symptoms on my period. I tried new pads and tampons and had an allergic reaction to it, so I thought it was part of the reaction. Yesterday, it started to burn when I urinated and I can barely sit down. I have two blisters on the right side. They popped today and its almost unbearable. I have a slight fever and body aches, my legs feel a bit weak. I went to my OB and she said other than some oddities, it looks like “textbook”. She scraped it and I’m awaiting test results. You aren’t alone.


    Thank you everyone for your kind words! You all made me cry but also comforted me during the scariest moments. Test results came back positive for HSV. Next week will be going in for blood work on the type. Although my doctor did say that I should wait 30 days for the virus to set in (if this was first exposure&outbreak) then get the test done.

    10 days after my initial outbreak and I am almost completely healed. Now its time for the mental battle/healing. Told both previous partners and they didn’t freak out. They were so mature and supportive about it. Even mentioned it to my boss (we are pretty close), but told her a slightly different story where “someone from my past texted me and now I need to get tested”. And guess what she said. She thinks she has it too! And that its not as bad as the stigma behind it. I cried. Mainly from relief, but also from having a mother figure be so supportive.

    Hang in there everyone. If your having an outbreak, I know it seems like this pain will never end, but it will. It has to. You’re strong and you will get through this.

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