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    Hey, I’m 23 and I’ve been going through one hard ship after another! Life is kicking my a** all the way to the end! I’ve been waiting for the ( this is my year moment) for three years and each year just gets progressively worse lol 😂. Anyways last year I met a guy and I thought he was great well he turned out to be a total mistake… it lasted 6 months and it turned out he was in a relationship! Isn’t that nice.. so after that was over I found out I was hpv positive. Now I new a little about it due to when I was 16 I had abnormal paps and did loads of research about it and i knew I fought it off once I could do it again… then the GW showed up 🤦‍♀️ I thought “ what next!!” I did a treatment and they were gone and I realized they are absolutely no different then a wart on your finger… so I go a month with a tip top lady bit.. no sexual interactions I was gonna focus on myself… then come the ex that I was engaged to and madly in love with… he came and apologize to me for everything he ever did to me.. and of coarse he was my best friend and I expected his apology and let him stay the night.. the next morning I was in excruciating Pain !! I thought well maybe I was torn a little bit ( that’s normal for me) I went to work and came home an the pain was just steady and not going away so I found that odd. I took a look 👀 and what I saw was not normal, it looked like a a big burn and like skin was coming off of that stop .. in the same place my GW WERE! I waited a few days and I started getting sick 😷.. sore throat and swollen tonsils. I ran to the Er because the doctors office couldn’t get me in and I had to go back to work ina few hours.. i was tested positive for strep! Okay so I’m not feeling well because big strep. I start a round of antibiotics and everything should go back to normal. Right? Effing wrong! I woke up the next morning and my groin nodes were sooooo swollen I could hardly move. I had what looked like very infected ingrown hairs on my public hair area they were big under the skin and red and hot to the touch.. so that’s what I went to the doctors for. That’s when she said “ you tested negative for herpes 3 months ago! But I’m worried that this is what it is “ she did a swab and I’m still waiting for the results. The next day I woke up and I had what looks like tiny ulcer spots on my vaginal area.. I have no idea what I thought they were. I was like they didn’t start as blisters so there is no way it’s herpes? Right? Again soo wrong.. they just won’t go away..then of course since I opened my mouth the blisters started !!! They are everywhere… between my buttcheeks which are probably the worst in feeling and spreading.. all over my labia manjora… just everywhere.. I call up the guy that gave them to me.. he had since then gotten back together with his girlfriend.. of course my luck right ? I ask him if he has experienced anything and he just starts screaming at my saying I’m trying to ruins his life and get his girlfriend mad at him and that I’m just crazy and want him back.. I’m like absolutely not I don’t care about you at all I care about my health! So I gave up on his help and just started treating myself.. enter my heartbreaking moment… I’ve been talking on and off with this man I’ve always had feeling for for 5 years on and off, we have never been intimate, never had a relationship because of either one of us were in a relationship or distance.. well we are both single finally and we are both wanting to be together .. finally… he is stationed in Texas.. and He wants me and my son to move out there so we can start a relationship.. now this has come into the picture and I have no idea how to tell him… he has always been my goal and after 5 years of friendship and always going back to each other I don’t know what he will say.. I’m trying to disclose to friends first so telling him won’t be as hard .

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