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    I found out yesterday that I have HSV2. I was shocked. 2 years ago, I developed a staph infection. I took antibiotics and it went away. A few months later it came back. Since 2017 this 8 times with this “staph infection”. Not once did a doctor swap it as they were confident it was staph. On Sunday, I went to Urgent care, and the doctor saw it and immediately said it was herpes. My heart dropped. Never once did I consider it was anything besides staph or ingrown hairs from shaving. After confirming with a test, and thinking.. I realize my ex, gave it to me. I remember him having an ingrown hair and we thought nothing other it.. and both spots would line up perfectly on us :/ I am devastated. My ex also had given me gnorrehea while together. He was a horrible cheating disgusting man.
    Anyway. I was shocked. I AM shocked. And I am down right angry that none of these doctors tested it. Not once. I mostly saw urgent cares as it was inconvenient times it was start to bother me enough to need to… I’m just sad. I needed to vent badly(as you can see). I am usually so carefree and bubbly but I’m just down and sad. I’m awaiting surgery for reconstruction of multiple prolapses in my vagina as well and this news has made me hate my body.. and hate him again even more. I’m scared to ever have sex again.

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