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    I have herpes outbreaks non stop and all my doctor had to say is to increase medication dose. That’s all they’re good for – just hand over another prescription. So my hope is in alternative medicine. I overheard Manuka honey has healing properties and gave it a try. OMG it works to soothe pain associated with painful herpes blisters and speeds up healing process. I applied it directly onto blisters a few times a day and it completely took pain away (the ugly blisters will still remain but dry up quick). Manuka honey is pretty expensive but its worth it. I bought a small jar on Amazon.
    It turns out dr. Kelly wrote about it in her blog. See below:

    “DON’T try to use Grade A honey from a grocery story. Why? It has been linked to increased herpes symptoms
    -You must use Manuka honey from New Zealand. It is actually considered a medical device.
    -Honey works by drawing out liquid from a wound and killing off local microorganisms. It also contains an enzyme that releases hydrogen peroxide when it comes in contact with a wound.”


    Wow, thank you for the tip and link to the blog! I would also recommend lysine out to 3000 mg per day.


    Hi friends!

    Please advise on the manukah honey brand you use?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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