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    I recently got a divorce. Well, actually I’m still legally going through it. I’m not proud, but after being in a very lonely marriage for 8 years, I met a guy and we casually started seeing each other. I didn’t want to sleep around. I was actually really nervous about STIs and thought I played it pretty safe. Well, about a month into us hanging out, we went to some hotsprings and spent the day soaking. We had to hike back a little over a mile or two, and with a wet bathing suit and snow on the ground, you can imagine it was a little uncomfortable around the lady bits. The next day, I was itchy and uncomfortable, and I was certain it was because of the hike. But it just didn’t go away. I noticed some sores coming up in two places, they were small and didn’t seem immediately worrying. Well, until they blistered.

    I’m just really struggling with this feeling like I had finally taken the steps towards living a happier life, even though those steps impacted the lives of others and broke a marriage. I dealt with the shame and embarassment of all that, just to get hit with this. He was the first guy I was with after ending things with my ex husband. A cosmic kick to the gut. Like the world is telling me it’s an ending for an ending. And logically, I know that isn’t true, I know I still have a chance for love and companionship, and that this is a manageable thing. But it really does hit hard.

    For now, I’m managing with medication, and have only had two outbreaks. The first lasted 3 weeks and was so painful, but the second wasn’t as bad. I have hopes that it will get better and am trying to get healthy to help as much as possible.

    Thanks for reading

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    I’m sorry you’re going through this. I know how hard it hits. This happened to me after I separated from my spouse and it felt like a cruel joke from the universe. First step is to forgive yourself. You’re human, you’ve done nothing wrong and you’re worthy of love. Do you have HSV1 or HSV2?

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    This also happened to me recently I had left my sons father after a 2 year toxic relationship & got with an old flame of mine , He ended up knowing he had Herpes , Clamydia & Gonnorhea , Gave it to me .


    Well from what i heard and read. You could of had contact long before your marriage ended. Not e eryone has outbreaks and many symptoms are passed off as other things. So don’t be hard on yourself.


    I’ve been divorced 18 months and was getting used to my new happy life,then my diagnosis last week😪 so I know how you feel xx we will all ride this storm and get through xxx


    I have chronic anemia and have been doing different treatments and found one that should stop my periods. I was so excited to not have to deal with periods monthly and now i have this. I too felt like i was close to freedom and relief with my body and now it’s gone.

    Change of mindset is what gets me out of a lot of sad experiences but this one is a hard one. However this past week i did find myself grateful that i have the internet at my finger tips as the friend who gave it to me did not. That i have your by my side where my friend had no one. I am grateful of the meds that are here as i thought about people before and what they musta went though trying to find relief. Im grateful that the stigma around it is not lile what it use to be as more and more info is known about it.

    We may not have much control of stuff but our mindset is something we do have. Let’s stop feeling like we lost and try to feel like were still in the race.

    Anyone wanna add what they are grateful for?

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