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    Just diagnosed yesterday, I have been with my partner about 4 months and we have been having sex unprotected.. I’ve never had an outbreak until last week, my normal STD testing has been normal . He does not know yet because I wanted to wait to find out for sure before making him panic. One night we had sex, he gave me oral with whipped cream and literally two days later, I am having what my doctor has told me is an outbreak . What the chances that he has this considering we’ve been having unprotected sex for months ? What’s the chances he has given this to me? Since being with him unprotected I’ve had two uti’s and now this, however my std testing all was negative but i was Not tested for herpes considering I’ve never had an outbreak or sores. I havent seen anything on him orally . But i feel There is no way he doesn’t have it we’ve been having unprotected sex four months and this is the first time I’ve ever experienced anything like this. He still has no symptom or idea of this but after i follow Up with my doctor i want to tell him . I want To tell him now but I think I should wait til I know more.



    I think having a conversation is okay when your like man something is up I had to go to the doctor they ran some tests. You don’t know and that’s being honest. Until the doc calls. Then it’s not so much as a shock. I hate to say people’s reactions are not always understanding but if he doesn’t understand then he’s not worthy on you. My ex broke up with me saying it was all me. However, I never had any symptoms. I just went in for a check up. He want worthy of me. We are all here together

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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