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    I’m 18 years old and I got diagnosed this afternoon. I haven’t stopped crying since and I’m so scared and confused. I met someone in college and we hooked up multiple times but ended things in the beginning of November. Christmas day I felt extreme pain and went to the doctor today. They confirmed my worst fear & he says he’s been blood tested and everything and he is clean. Not only does this add to my terror but also greatly confuses me. I’m so so scared and don’t want this to ruin my life. I’m so young, how will I ever find someone who loves me or wants to have sex with me ever again?


    Hi Morgan! When was he blood tested? Why was he blood tested? It’s not a routine STD test, so I kind of doubt he has been tested unless he has specifically asked for it. He might’ve asked for an STD test and thought it was included but it wasn’t.

    That said, I believe the average time it takes for an initial outbreak to appear is something like 2-12 days from exposure. Have you been with anyone else since then? If not, maybe it’s from a while ago but has just decided to surface. I’ve read about married couples that find out years into their marriage and their spouse is clean.

    But try not to worry too much about where it came from. Worry about how you’re feeling. I cried for two weeks after my diagnosis (on Nov 13th). If you can, try not to google too much about herpes. Avoid reading the negative stories out there. Instead, get your information from forums like these. Dr. Kelly’s book helped me a lot. People with herpes still find love and happiness. (People without herpes sometimes still don’t.) There’s no reason you can’t have those things. I’ve disclosed to one person, and he didn’t care at all. You might have to be a little more selective about who you date, but it might help you avoid a lot of jerks. Don’t worry too much right now though about telling some imaginary guy you haven’t met yet. Deal with it when it comes along. Hope this helps a little.

    Best of luck & lots of love.


    I saw your post on in a herpes support group and I want to reach-out and extend a helping hand. This place called the underground cure helped my friend totally eradicate HSV from his body completely…no lie…I witnessed this with my own eyes. If you wan to check them out here’s there site:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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