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    Hello everyone,

    Recently started dating and just wondering how hsv will impact my sex life.

    I was diagnosed with hsv genitally a few years ago (they didn’t say which strain and since I don’t get frequent outbreaks it’s hard to know officially.. I did a blood test recently just to see, but it actually came up as negative which wasn’t particularly helpful) and have since only had maybe around 3 outbreaks (so I’m thinking it’s hsv 1 but genitally?).

    In terms of transmitting the virus I’m aware asymptomatic shedding is a thing but just wondered how other people are dealing with sex, foreplay and transmission? For example, as a woman who’s not showing symptoms (whilst having hsv 1 genitally) is receiving oral sex/using hands still an option?

    Online I see a lot about men and using condoms etc but not so much for women? especially in terms of casually dating.

    Feeling a little bewildered at the moment.. any advice?

    Much appreciated xx



    You cannot be assuming the type of herpes you have. Go to a lab and request an antibody IGG blood work for herpes. Depending on which one you have, you can take actions regarding sex. Even if they are similar and share 80% of genetics, they are also different.
    It is a mistake to assume that it is hsv-1 just because you had few outbreaks.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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