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    Feel free to add what you wished you knew from day one.

    I have been tested positive for gen herpes less then 7 days ago. I read through a lot of the messages on here looking for help. I seen a lot of things that others suggested but a huge part of me wished it was collected in one place. So I will share my story and the tips Learned first hand.

    #Seek and take meds on time with phone alarms set
    #get stool softners as constipation is common
    #get high zinc diaper rash cream to help pee and poop.
    #get burn gel as it has aloe to sooth and lidocaine to numb.
    #Apply burn gel especially before when you have to poop. It numbs your anus and although you still will be in a lot of pain it does make it more bearable. Then when your ready to go apply high zinc rash cream to anus to act as a barrier to protect from bacteria. The cream makes for an easy clean up as well. Less wiping needed.
    #do not stress over where or how you got it. It don’t matter and the possibilities are endless. 1 of 5 have it and the others prob have it and don’t know yet. They still pass it with no signs themselves. So again it don’t matter don’t stress.

    I read on here someone swears by taking COQ10 twice a day and outbreaks reduced a ton. I will be trying this starting tomorrow when i can get to the store.


    This is a great idea, Rae, so helpful for others to see and find. I will add that applying Aspercreme maximum strength with lidocaine 4% helps a lot with itching and pain. Also, high doses of Lysine 3 times a day.

    I so appreciate the positive messages!


    Also, it seems the first outbreak is usually the worst for many people so you will get through this and it won’t be as bad in the future.


    Thankyou for posting this xx


    Started my daily COQ10 and Lysine today! I’m still in my first week of my first breakout.

    As much as this all sucks and how frustrated I was this past week I had to remind myself of a few things.
    *the advanced knowledge of meds given at the hospital.

    I was given
    –(2)500mg tabs Tylenol as needed 4 times a day.
    –(1)500mg tabs twice a day daily
    –(2)125mg tabsfamciclovir 3 times daily for 10 days.
    —2 large tubes of 2.0 strength of lidocaine.

    Grateful for the internet for helping me reach info others before me didn’t have such resources at thier finger tips. I learned….
    –burn gel would help thanks to the aloe and lidocaine.
    –high in zinc super rash cream
    — calamine lotion could help as herpes is a skin donation that the sores need to be dried and soothed
    –the internet offered this support group where i lined about supplements and now i take COQ10 100mg 2 times a day as well as lysine 1000mg 3 times a day

    Theres a lot to be pissed about but seeing how stress can cause an outbreak let’s try change out mindset and be grateful for what’s available to us.
    My friend who gave it to me told me he’s had it over 30 years and the stigma and lack of knowledge available to him made him feel alone and he just based through all pain when it came to outbreaks and thanks to me and my support hes called his doc to start treatment and ask for help. He thought unless there was an open sore you can’t pass it. I had to show him how that’s not true.


    Anyone want to add to this?


    My doc was great; they gave me tramadol since I had not peed in 4 days.


    Embarassed4670 that’s good to know. How do you feel now? How long did it take to kick in?


    Thank you for this post! I was diagnosed yesterday and, as a type a person, I want to start being proactive and what I can do to move on and make my life and the diagnosis easier. Unfortunately there’s so much different info out there, this was so well organized!


    Your welcome. It’s been 4 months for me. My first outbreak ever was horrid. I cried so much it was pain from from my front to my back and everything in-between. Then i got past that and cried my heart out due to the mental and emotional stuff. I went from swearing off sex for the rest of my life if that was the only way to never tell a sole to telling my ex/sons father. He became my biggest support or system. It brought us back together in that sense. He’s the only man im sexually a to be with. He knows all my efforts to prevent a leading it to him he knows the risks and still chooses to show up when i call. So your in for a ride and even though i don’t know you…. I do know your not alone. We don’t all get on here often. As time goes on you will not be logging in ever hour, or day, or even week any more. Life goes on. Go live it. We are here for you.


    I was diagnosed two weeks ago. The most horrific pain ever. I only found this site yesterday. I wish I had found it sooner you shared some good tips. I was given antiviral meds to take for 10 days other than that was not given any advise. I am a 49 year old woman, my boyfriend of 5 years has HSV1 but never mentioned HSV2. (i never asked) assumed he would have told me if he did. After my doctor did a swab and told me what they thought it was I was horrified. She took blood to see if this was new or something I had antibodies to. We found out It was in fact a new exposure. When I told my BF about it he was not surprised but said he did not know he had it?
    We have gotten past the diagnosis and feel our relationship will be fine. However, this outbreak has been horrible after two weeks I am still uncomfortable. I missed a week of work and have not been able to go back to the gym yet. Any advice on when I can expect to feel better? I am also terrified of having outbreak again? Will I know it is coming? Should I take meds to prevent or only take when one comes on? My doctor gave me a 5 day course of antiviral and said if I get another outbreak to take ASAP? Is this something that is going to happen all the time? Any way to prevent them? I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety already this has only made my disorder worse. Any advice that may help ease my troubled mind would be helpful.


    Sorry i haven’t checked in all month.
    I was given twice daily meds as my fears of passing it stressed me right out. Where i live you can charged and sued if you can pin point WHO. Which then man who later told me does not live in town but on the other side of the boarder. So yeah she told me two pills of a high does and condoms and my chances of passing it to a loved on it so low.

    The pros to taking it twice daily is out breaks are rare. Down side i seen over time it will stop working and i will have to switch to another pill.

    Im not having sex with anyone right now so im not taking then. Im just trying to figure out what’s best for my body.

    The first outbreak for everyone is bloody awful. I posted about mine i do believe. I had it all over my clit all the way back to my anus and all inside as well. I was so swollen i could not sit! It was a 2 week thing. I cried thinking this is my life. I was researching what i can use for open ulcers and sore that also could use on herpes. Many things i read were a nom this is why i said im grateful for the internet. This is why i made this post.

    It’s going on 5 months now and my pattern is period trigger an out break. And it’s nothing lile that first one!

    Once i feel the itching or the lack of pee streams i get as if a UTI is starting i know an outbreak is starting and i take my pills. Two right away and then 1 in the morning and one at night. They last 3 days. For itch i use high zinc diaper rash cream and that usually is all the help i need.

    Some people have a break out once a month with periods as triggers. Others have a break out every other month. Then there’s people who’s only had the first and nothing after. We are all different. So all i can say is pay attention to your triggers.

    Im not sure if your meds are covered or not but mine were. If not im sure getting them 2 times a day would of been an option.

    Earlier i said i haven’t checked in in all month which is a great sign. When i first found this sight i was in my second day and i was on every other hour and as time went on i was on daily then weekly then bi weekly. My point is it gets easier and less stressful. I mean i cried my dam heart out thinking i wanted to die and if it wasn’t for my kids im sure i would of put more thought into that!!! But time healed a lot of hurt and anger. Life goes on and remember 1 in 3 people know they have it. Others have it and don’t know. You can have it for 20 years and test neg then bam one day it shows its face.

    Best wishes to you.


    It definitely gets easier to cope with. I’ve had it about 20 years now and have never stopped living. Ive had a healthy child since my diagnosis, been married and had a wonderful sex life. I’ve never passed the virus to anyone…at least no one has said I did. Learn your triggers and take meds whether pharmaceutical or natural herbs. Some of my triggers are menstrual cycles, nuts, stress and chocolate. Not saying that I will definitely have a break out after eating these things but it happens. I’ve noticed less breakouts when I focus on eating properly and taking some type of meds. I believe in holistic healing but believe in Valtrex as well. I do not take suppressive meds Every day. There is definitely life outside of this diagnosis. It does not define you. The only time I think about it is if I am interested in a new long term relationship, such as now. I was married for years and it never affected my marriage. For anyone thats’s sad or depressed, it gets better. It’s not the end of the world. Find things that’s make you happy and that helps reduce your outbreaks and you will possibly forget you have it.


    Keeping this going

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