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    Hello ladies i’ll try to keep this short if you can try to keep the judgement to a need to be said basis.

    I’ve been stupid on a fourth date during a pandemic I decided to sleep with someone without contraception. Previous to this I had sex on August the 17th unprotected and previous to that I did not have sex for two years.

    But men are like busses and often two come at once.
    Last night I felt cold and shivery, my body ached my throat hurt my body temp went up to 39 degrees so I ordered a covid test. Today I’ve brought my patemo down with paracetamol when it goes high, I’m emotionally spent and you guessed it! I’ve got some pretty big red bumps on my groin and labia and from how my vagina feels inside it two.

    So I’ve got an infection and I don’t get a covid text till Monday then have to wait for results naturally as soon as I mention high temperature no practicing clinician will want me anywhere near their surgery.

    What do I do? Apart from cry and Google which I’ve got covered. The man in question is going to a gum clinic on Monday hopefully (appointments can’t be made over a weekend) he says he’s had bumps he thought we’re shaving rashes.

    How can I stop the pain?

    I know I’m an idiot but please help me.


    First of all, I am sorry you’re going through this!
    Shit happens and you cannot beat yourself up just move forward. Second of all, stressing out will cause it to get worse. Take tylenol and take a warm bath to soothe the pain and discomfort. Until you get confirmation that it is what it is or when the guy gets confirmation you will need to get started on an antiviral. You can call your Dr Monday morning and see if they will send an RX to the pharmacy to get you started on antivirals just with a phone consultation.

    I’m really sorry this is happening to you. 🙁

    If it is diagnosed, just know you will be okay. Your emotions will be all over the place but you will be okay. <3


    Yola thank you so much for your kindness this is what I’m hoping will happen on Monday. I will look into what tylenol. Thank you again for your kindness. I live with a vulnerable cousin so have been self isolating in my room and you have helped me feel less alone.


    Hiya, hope you’re doing better now and have some answers as to what is wrong? And if indeed it is herpes and not something else, I hope you aren’t taking it too hard. It can be really difficult knowing it doesn’t disappear and you can easily forget it. Do try to remember that for most people this isn’t a frequently recurring issue, and it recurs less and less the further you are from your initial breakout. It’s the word that is the fear, not the symptoms themselves as, after the first breakout, it tends to be more irritating than debilitating in terms of work or day to day life. So don’t panic about having to keep taking time off work, that shouldn’t be an issue even if you didn’t have meds for a recurrence it can be managed with taking warm baths and not wearing irritating clothing. The symptoms do not tend to be excruciating after the first breakout. It should just be a bit uncomfortable/itchy/tingly if it does recur and you just take a break from sex like you do for your period! Same as chicken pox stays in your body, herpes does. But it doesn’t make you some outcast, most people have it! Everyone is just scared of STDs because of stigma rather than because of there being a danger to you or something wrong with you. It’s bad luck, but you’ll be okay. Hope you’re doing better x

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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