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    Hello, everyone. I was diagnosed with Hsv2 last week. I have no idea how long I’ve had it, as I have had these symptoms for years. “You have a yeast infection. “You have BV.” “You have hemorrhoids.” You get the idea. Anyway, after taking this week to process everything, I’ve accepted it. Even though I’m devastated, I’m determined to get through this one minute at a time. At this point, my biggest fear if transmitting this to my children, whether it be through a diaper change or bathtime. I would never be able to live with myself. What if I got distracted by “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy” & forgot to wash my hands? Have I ever done that? Please tell me I’m over thinking this. I won’t even bathe them without gloves now. I even use gloves while using the bathroom, showering, etc. I’m driving myself crazy! HELP!!


    In answer to your fears, I’ve suffered with HSv2 since 1981. I was 23 years old now I’m 61 years old. I had no children at the time. I had 2 children since, one cesarean birth and one vaginal birth. I never transmitted it to them. I recently told my daughter why I had to have by cesarean birth. My late husband loved me unconditionally. He accepted my brokenness and never once treated badly. If had an outbreak I was very careful and keeping restrooms sanitized. My husband never got HSv2 because I used precaution, abstinence during outbreaks. I never used medication for HSv2 during 29 years we were together. I hope some of this information helps. Please feel free to ask me anymore questions if needed.


    Thank you so much for your response. I am just sick about this. So sick, in fact, that I actually took my boys to the ER yesterday due to some irritation. They said that the didn’t see any reason for concern, but I’m not taking any chances at this point. They also said it was almost impossible to pass it this way. This has made me absolutely crazy! I just keep thinking about all of these doctors that misdiagnosed me. Why would my children be an exception? I will say that your story makes me feel a little but better. I’ve spent so much money in the last week on cleaning supplies alone. I even bought white towels for the kids, so that I could bleach them. I’m trying to keep everything sanitized. Again, thank you for responding. I really appreciate it.


    Hello it is options out there that can help you all a little research goes along way ..need any advice or help please feel free to email me at browndoc29@gmail


    Cecilia hi. Did you and your husband use condoms throughout the marriage so he didn’t get infected through viral shedding? Newly diagnosed,66, and thinking I’ll never be able to have sex wo a condom for the rest of my life. Thx


    I was diagnosed a few weeks ago and I worry about passing it on to my two teenage daughters. They use my shower all the time. My razors. My soap. My toilet. I keep bleaching and cleaning everything. We have an outdoor hot tub. I don’t want them to get it and even though everybody says you can’t get it from a toilet seat – I still use bleach on the toilet seat after I go to help protect them. I don’t want to tell my girls I have it. I told them I have shingles and that it’s not contagious but if they have any bumps or rashes anyplace to let me know and I’ll take them to dr.


    Hello, I’ve read your posts but now I am so scared for my daughter. I always read you can’t get this from household items. I just read an article saying it can live on objects for 8 weeks. I feel sick. My daughter is complaining of burning down there when she urinates, like a cut but it’s not. How can all the websites say you can’t get this easily and now I read it lives for 8 weeks. Think of just showering, or walking out of a shower and then kids crawling on the floor etc. I won’t be able to handle this if she has it. All these years I never worried much and now I may have to bring her in and have a Doctor treat me horribly.


    I’m newly diagnosed but from everything I have researched online so far, the majority of sources say the virus cannot live on surfaces like toilet seats for very long. CDC says you don’t need to worry about contracting or transmitting it from a toilet seat. That has made me more at ease in terms of worrying less about spreading it to someone in my household.


    I have done a lot of research on HSV 2 since I was diagnosed a year ago and I have always read that HSV can not live on surfaces. You can’t catch it from a toilet seat, towels, or things like that. It is a skin to skin infection so it is extremely important to wash your hands after using the restroom or if you touch the sores.


    Hello bre, I can understand your fears, although when I was diagnosed, I wasn’t having any kids. I was not married as at then. But I am now with a beautiful daughter. I was so sad and depressed that I actually though of ending it all when a friend introduced me to a Dr who uses only herbs in treating. It was later I knew he was an herbal Dr. Do you know that I am now free from herpes for over two years now. While conversing with the Dr the, he said there is a medicine he also gives to those staying in same house with the herpes patient to prevent them from contacting it. But I think you should contact him, he will explain to you better. He helped me though, now am herpes free. Information they say,is power. You can reach him through mail eldersegunjohn@gmail.com. it is my own way to help you. I don’t really talk much about him cos of too much questions buh I just had to tell you because of your children as I too am a mother and understand our love for our kids.

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